Friday 3 February 2012

One persons junk is another person's treasure

Life is funny sometimes, don't you think?
I mean when you should be happy your not and when you shouldn't be happy you are?
Today proved to be one of those days...I encountered a felling of emptiness so great it seemed to swallow me up, I should have been joyful, and satisfied, after all I went out this morning with a wonderful lady I met on one of my Church tours.
We had a nice swim and daughter #1 did what she does best tried to dominate every second of my visit, with mom lets do this, and mom I don't want to do that.
It was hard and embarrassing visit (I mean let's face it I was in my bathing suit!).
After the swim I did what I usually do when feeling down I go do some retail therapy. Since I am not suppose to spend any money (Our new budget is in the red) I do what any thrifty person would do I go looking at second hand stores. This is my look around at peoples unwanted junk.
Sometimes you can find a treasure.
Then I thought about how God usually uses our junk to make us his treasure. Our ugliness our sadness our disappointment our emptiness all are for a reason. It points us in the right direction..up.
I realised today that I need to fill that emptiness with God, as his love and comfort are all I truly need. My good friend E said something to this last night on the phone and really she is brilliant, she was absolutely right I am here for a reason I am lonely for a purpose. I would definitely not be writing this blog if I were not living in the middle of no where with not a friend in sight. So my friend this is not a funny, silly blog day but a deep reflective day where good things will grow eventually it just will take awhile for the roots to find some good soil.
My Bible verse today is:
My body faints for you in a land that is dry, desolate, and without water. Psalm 63:1
Treasure has a nice ring to don't you think?


  1. love this! thanks for stopping by my blog :) i love retail thrift therapy. also did a 30 day no buying challenge a while back and diaried about it and that proved almost as fun.

  2. Hi Michelle!
    Yes thrift stores are so much fun, but the ones in my new town are quite expensive as thrift goes....perhaps I have a new calling? Kidding I have to focus my energies on settling in. :-) Thanks for stopping by, I also loved your blog, any suggestions would be great! I want to set up a section for gluten free recipes, and a section for family fun, and great books...but don't know how to do that. Have a fabulous night!


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