Friday, 3 February 2012

One persons junk is another person's treasure

Life is funny sometimes, don't you think?
I mean when you should be happy your not and when you shouldn't be happy you are?
Today proved to be one of those days...I encountered a felling of emptiness so great it seemed to swallow me up, I should have been joyful, and satisfied, after all I went out this morning with a wonderful lady I met on one of my Church tours.
We had a nice swim and daughter #1 did what she does best tried to dominate every second of my visit, with mom lets do this, and mom I don't want to do that.
It was hard and embarrassing visit (I mean let's face it I was in my bathing suit!).
After the swim I did what I usually do when feeling down I go do some retail therapy. Since I am not suppose to spend any money (Our new budget is in the red) I do what any thrifty person would do I go looking at second hand stores. This is my look around at peoples unwanted junk.
Sometimes you can find a treasure.
Then I thought about how God usually uses our junk to make us his treasure. Our ugliness our sadness our disappointment our emptiness all are for a reason. It points us in the right direction..up.
I realised today that I need to fill that emptiness with God, as his love and comfort are all I truly need. My good friend E said something to this last night on the phone and really she is brilliant, she was absolutely right I am here for a reason I am lonely for a purpose. I would definitely not be writing this blog if I were not living in the middle of no where with not a friend in sight. So my friend this is not a funny, silly blog day but a deep reflective day where good things will grow eventually it just will take awhile for the roots to find some good soil.
My Bible verse today is:
My body faints for you in a land that is dry, desolate, and without water. Psalm 63:1
Treasure has a nice ring to don't you think?
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