Wednesday 8 February 2012

I have a confession to make I think I love chickens...really!

Well after being here for almost 3 months I am starting to feel a little settled (depending on the day, and today's a good one)
It is poring here and as I write I can hear the drone of the tractor. DH is so sweet and cute. He is trying to fix up the road he put in to the back of the property. He looks the part of a true Farmer Brown..Oh what's that make me? The tractor is the smallest orange tractor I have ever seen, and he kinda looks like a kid with his new toy out there getting soaked....I married the best man in the whole world!
I have come to a realisation today, I think I am not only in love with my family, but I also love my chickens. Perhaps it was the near death experience the chickens had, or the way they cock their little feathered heads in confusion when you talk to them...or it could very well be their little blinky eyes. There are a few things I am learning about chickens, and believe me after hearing hours of DH drone on about them I pretty much thought I knew it all, here they are

Chickens make me smile! Just seeing their bottom heavy, lumbering bodies making a run at me when they see I'm bringing food is great comedy to me. To my chickens, I'm a Rock Star--who cares if my day was cruddy? :) Yes, they're a bit of work (checking on 'em twice a day to let them in and out, and feed and water them) but, it is worth it!

Chickens GRAZE--meaning, if you put 'em on a grass pasture or lawn, kiss it goodbye. They're not only great about ferreting out bugs, they'll be happy to eat down just about anything green as well. They are also a wonderful, natural leftover disposal! Being omnivores, they'll eat almost anything, including egg shells...ewww.
I am careful to feed them non-spoiled, healthy food. What you put into the chickens will make a difference in the quality of the eggs.

Chickens Crate dust! I mean what is all that? After a short while the whole hen house is covered in this fine baby powder dust that covers everything...OK so I knew this one as I have worked in chicken barns, that is where I met DH after all. But didn't know a few chickens could conger up so much so soon!  

Chickens are smart- Sometimes, I didn't tell you that all our chickens came back ...not the dead one...I mean I thought he was going to, with that death squawk...never mind...Any way they came back to their coop, eventually some of them took days to show up. And the Dog eaten gimpy legged chicken is now walking, supercalifragilistic cool hu?
Well that about sums up my mussing about my feather brained friends.... I will save you some farm fresh, organic eggs, for when you come on by and visit me! Although they have not started to lay yet, as the dog incident scared them so bad that every time they think of laying an egg they cross their skinny yellow legs, and shake!

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