Monday, 27 February 2012

My debut as the local chicken girl!

We have had a crazy busy couple of weeks here on the "farm". Tomorrow is my big debut as the local chicken girl. I am experiencing a range of emotions. Some of them go like this: fear ...will I permanently smell like a chicken. 
Anxiety: I get lost if you turn me around 5 times fast, OK ..once, real fast.
Doom: this is it no turning back, I am now a real live, flesh and blood farm girl.

Can I pull it off? That is yet to be seen. I am sure it couldn't be too hard, after all I did met my DH in a chicken barn. Our love is rooted in chicken manure, so like all well composted poo it will grow great things, right??

On other news our chicken shack is coming along nicely, since DH has been busy with work we have hired a local man who does amazing work. Our chicken shack can not be called a shack, as it is a very nice little abode, for our temporary feathered guests. Shall we say a poultry B and B?

 Hey I had such a fun idea the other day, my good friend A suggested it when we moved, but I like the thought. A farm stay. People pay you to "get away from the city" and help around the "farm" and you serve meals, and show them how to do odd things like canning, gardening, tending to animals and the like. This is the perfect setting nestled beside the river.....something to think on.

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