Saturday 12 May 2012

Well, there is trouble in paradise, my well runs dry....

The day started like any other, although today was a little different It is my sons 12th birthday!
So as I wake I ponder the busyness ahead and lay in awe at how time has flown by so very quickly. As I lay there I hear Dear Husband say hu? as he is about to make his morning java.

I hear him yell up the stairs the well has run dry.....Words I NEVER wanted to hear!
So our morning has made itself known, I hop out of bed happy birthday thoughts forgotten.

We go out and inspect the well yep dry, and it is only May and not hot at all, but yes we have that leak in the hose that is running water to the chickens, and that seems to be just enough water loss to suck the hole dry. Hm, not impressed.

I have 5 boys coming in a few short hours so we both go our separate ways and scramble around frantically not getting much accomplished.
 Dear husband does not make any headway on fixing the water situation and I madly find wet wipes and paper dishes. The heck with environmentally responsible this calls for resourcefulness, to the max!

On come the tidal wave of children and I go into hostess mode. Although they don't seem to be having much fun with the paint ball sling shot target practice I set up, guess it is a little hard to aim, so I bring out the pellet gun and instruct the children to point at the target and not each other. I whip in to throw pizza in the oven and chips in bowls. A short time latter call the kids in and the feeding frenzy begins.

After pizza, cake and chips and 4 litters of pop, we all head out to play capture the flag. It was a great game of  of running around the woods, and spying out your opponents flag.

The well issue was forgotten until one of the boys asks to use the washroom. I say number one or two. (Not by the way an appropriate question for a hostess to ask) He says "well I gotta stink up your bathroom"
I tell him the toilet paper is in the bathroom and the woods is where you need to go!
He took off looking quite put out, oh well nothing I can do about that!

So three hours have passed and the kids parents arrive and off they go.
The well situation is still unresolved and we really need showers after running through the woods I smell, and my kids are dirtier than I think I have ever seen them!

Dear husband in well
I make a few quick calls to the neighbors to see if any one is a well expert. 2 show up but can't figure out the problem.
After another 2 hours of tinkering and pulling the whole contraption apart it is still not fixed. Neighbors leave, and being the good mom I am I say. "OK kids lets go throw you in the river!"

They scream and run...right into the house to get their bathing suits on.

We trudge down the path I spy my immediate neighbor looking at us quite oddly as she sits in her yard, but I smile and wave. Nothing to see here folks, just a bunch of city folk going down to the river to wash our sins away! (no I didn't say that, but I was thinking it) Smile and wave folks smile and wave...

 The only one who actually got clean in the river was the birthday boy himself! Brr that looked crazy! But what am I to do, I ask you?
We have zero water and I am on my last nerve.
Bath time!
birthday boy asks to make this a Birthday tradition..

Middle child cries all the way back, she was far too cold and bumped her knee, and little one clings to me like she is still a part of me, and me I stomp through the river trail mumbling how I back "home" this would never happen......
The end to a crazy day, glad it is done. Good thing it is Mother's day tomorrow because I think I am going to ask for a well technician to come a visiting......

Psalm 46:10
"Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."

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