Sunday 27 November 2016

Book Review: Discipline That Connects With Your Child's Heart

From the Back

You Can Connect With Your Child's Heart Through Discipline Parents want to raise respectful, responsible, and faith-filled kids. But when kids misbehave, parents often feel lost and confused, and don't realize that their discipline can make things worse in the long run.

Jim and Lynne Jackson, founders of Connected Families, teach four powerful principles for discipline that shape both behavior and your kids' hearts. You'll learn to communicate--even when your kids are at their worst--that they are safe with you, loved no matter what, capable of wise choices, and responsible to make right the things they've made wrong. As you impart these messages, you'll create strong relationships, build lasting wisdom and character, and bring God's grace to life in your home!
My Reflections:

Jim and Lynne Jackson's new book "Discipline that Connects With Your Child's Heart," is a comprehensive and refreshing read. This book speaks to the core matters of not only discipline but also the relationship after the consequences are over.

We all strive to raise well-behaved, respectful children who will ideally grow into functioning and happy adults.
Parenting is hard at the best of days, mostly we rely on our own upbringing and the ideals of  friends and family, however, this is not enough.
We need to be intentional in our parenting journey and always strive to learn and grow as God leads us.
I find I sometimes bring baggage from the past and this often trips up my best of intentions. Reading parenting books can either go one of two ways, they can encourage and inspire or make you feel like a complete failure.

This book is the encouraging, and uplifting type, and I feel any parent can benefit from reading it.
I appreciated that this book centers on our relationships with our children, and not just the reasons behind the behaviors.

I want to be able to look at my grown children and still see respect and love looking back at me.

This book is divided into four core subjects titled:

Foundation: You Are Safe With Me

Connect: You are Loved No Matter What

Correct: You Are Responsible for You Actions

The last two sections are my favorite:

Rebuilding and Reconciling


Wisdom for Specific Challenges

I really enjoyed the message that it is never too late to reconnect and repair any past hurts. Every section in the book delves a little deeper into growing your relationship and learning from your past mistakes.
This parenting book is informative and encouraging. I valued the honesty of the authors, no family is perfect and through trials and tears, we learn and are able to better our parenting style the next time.

No book has a magic formula that will instantly transform your child into Brady Bunch perfection, but this book is a practical, faith-based approach that seems to just make sense.

If you are looking for some new tools for your parenting tool box or just a refresher for your existing style, this may be just the encouraging read you are looking for.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc

  1. Jim Jackson

    Jim and Lynne Jackson ( conducted over 1,300 workshops for parents and privately coached more than 1,000 parents since the early 1990s. They are media spokespeople for a variety of parenting issues, frequently speaking at churches...
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Thursday 17 November 2016

Autism: President's Choice Children's Charity: (Superstore) Helping Local Families.

My girl's best friend
I recently had the opportunity to meet a very important superhero named Adam Hues. Adam works at the local Super Store, as the store manager.

But I am getting way ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning.

Our beautiful girl and her trusty sidekick love to be outside together. like any child, she is adventurous, daring and has a penchant for animals. Her love for nature and the great outdoors has been quite limited due to the fact that we live by a dangerous body of water.

Her sidekick that fluffy ball of energy has a keen eye for his girl. He is highly skilled at keeping her safe and secure. He is however when not working and out of harness a dog, and being such, has a love for chasing critters...wildlife ...or chickens...He is, after all, a poodle, and poodles are retriever type dogs, historically they were bred for wild game hunting, and they are very good at it too!

Don't get me wrong this poodle is something special, he can calm a meltdown before it starts, he can soothe a bad day with his warm and comforting "hug" This dog is one of a kind special.

My girl would be lost without him!
Frankly, so would our family.
He is truly my girls "best friend" Always present, always loving and non-judgemental.
Children on the spectrum often have a hard time developing these kinds of relationships with their peers.
Autism Assistance Dog guides are phenomenal at bridging the gap. Kids bond with and are able to have a relationship that they may never otherwise experience. These dogs are remarkable in skill and ability, making a child with Autism's life more meaningful and enjoyable.

Families truly experience a new "leash" on life, often finally getting to go out without the added concern of safety issues, as these dogs are taught to keep children safe from running away when frightened or having a meltdown.

To learn more about these special dogs you can visit this website:Lions Foundation For Dog Guides

Our family has been hyper-vigilant trying our best to keep everyone safe and secure, and due to the safety concerns the yard was not always a safe place to play. This is where Adam Hues and President's Choice Children's charity came in.

I had applied to Children's Charity to see if we could secure funding to help us build a safety fence. I didn't really know what to expect since I had never done anything like this before.
I was completely blown away when Adam himself called and told us the good news! I literally had no was such an amazing moment!

I can't say enough about how this simple fence has changed our lives for the better, we no longer feel the underlying panic of a possible escape and we all can relax just a little bit knowing everyone is safer.

I also want to thank the dedicated and professional people at True Line Fencing their skills and dedication to quality have provided our family
with a custom fence that is secure and lockable. Ben and his team listened to our needs and designed a workable system that keeps everyone safe and secure. Thank you True Line fencing. You can visit his website at the above link.

So what do you say to a superhero?
I have no words other than...

Thank you, Adam Hues!

To learn more or donate visit the official website:
President's Choice Children's Charity

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Book Review: This Road We Traveled

From the Back:

"An unforgettable story of hardship, survival, and the bonds of family, based on true events. Tabby's indomitable spirit proves that women, as well as men, helped to tame the West."--Suzanne Woods Fisher, bestselling author of Anna's Crossing

Tabitha Brown refuses to be left behind in Missouri when her son makes the decision to strike out for Oregon--even if she has to hire her own wagon to join the party. After all, family ties are stronger than fear.

Along with her reluctant daughter and her ever-hopeful granddaughter, the intrepid Tabitha has her misgivings. The trials they face along the way will severely test her faith, courage, and ability to hope. With her family's survival on the line, she must make the ultimate sacrifice, plunging deeper into the wilderness to seek aid. What she couldn't know was how this frightening journey would impact how she understood her own life--and the greater part she had to play in history.

My Reflections:

Set in the 1840's Jane Kirkpatrick's newest novel titled "This Road we Traveled," is just the kind of book that excites me.
I absolutely adore books written about the wagon trail. Right from my early reading experiences this time period and setting has inspired and encouraged me throughout the ruts and broken dreams of my life's journey.
This story is so unique from other Oregon wagon trail stories I have read. The historical background and character development really drew me in and I became instantly entwined with the great challenges and tragedy these pioneers faced.

The story centers around matriarch Tabitha Brown who is mother and grandmother to the family. Tabitha or Tabby for short is a fiercely independent sort who wants to help to support her family in any way she possibly can. Tabby's vibrant faith and strength coupled with unimaginable courage are exemplary!

I enjoyed that this story was told by different perspectives; mother daughter and granddaughter. You really get to experience the kaleidoscope of dynamics all taking place at the same time. It made me really ponder the different stages of ones life and how the perspectives motivated or hindered ones life story.
Will I be regretful and bitter as I age or will I be reflective and content, able to open up to the younger generation with love and compassion?
Such great concepts to ponder.
So this book was so much more than a historical fiction read for me, it was enlightening and encouraging as well as a great story to relax with.

It is no surprise that Jane Kirkpatrick is well known for her moving and historically accurate writing. It is always a joy to read a well-written novel and "This Road we Traveled" is certainly a worthy read.


Jane Kirkpatrick
  1. Jane Kirkpatrick is the New York Times and CBA bestselling author of more than twenty-five books, including A Sweetness to the Soul, which won the coveted Wrangler Award from the Western Heritage Center. Her works have been...
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Thursday 10 November 2016

Operation Christmas Child, Pack Your Shoe Box Today

One of our favorite family things to do at this time of the year is pack our shoeboxes!

We pick up our shoeboxes the kids all pack their own box for their gender, so we always have 2 girl boxes and one boy box in the same age catgories as my children.

Thes boxes impact the lives of over 730,000 children. Make a huge diffrence in the lives of children with this easy activity!

Operation Christmas Child National collection week is November 14-20 
#OCC_Canada #ilovepackingshoeboxes

To learn more you can visit:

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