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Book Review: The Lost Boys of Barlow Theater

 From the back:

It promises beauty but steals life instead. Will the ghosts of Barlowe Theater entomb them all?

Barlowe Theater stole the life of Greta Mercy's eldest brother during its construction. Now in 1915, the completed theater appears every bit as deadly. When Greta's younger brother goes missing after breaking into the building, Greta engages the assistance of a local police officer to help her unveil the already ghostly secrets of the theater. But when help comes from an unlikely source, Greta decides that to save her family she must uncover the evil that haunts the theater and put its threat to rest.

Decades later, Kit Boyd's best friend vanishes during a ghost walk at the Barlowe Theater, and old stories of mysterious disappearances and ghoulish happenings are revived. Then television ghost-hunting host and skeptic Evan Fisher joins Kit in the quest to identify the truth behind the theater's history. Kit reluctantly agrees to work with him in hopes of finding her missing friend. As the theater's curse unravels Kit's life, she is determined to put an end to the evil that has marked the theater and their hometown for the last century.

From the back:

Jamie Jo Wright never does me wrong. 

Are you up for a good ghost story? Do you love Ghost Busters, Scooby-Do? If so this book is for you my friends! The fist couple of chapters I kind of thought, "ugh, what have I got myself into?" the dark paranormal aspects I have to admit creeped me out at first. I was not sure where the story was going, but by then I was all in, there was no turning back!

This dual timeline was executed with perfection, it moved seamlessly between present day and 1915.

(1915) Greta Mercy's story drew me in instantly. Her struggle to keep her brother and herself out of the poor house had my heart strings pulled taunt. When Greta witnesses a lady in white throw a baby from the balcony of the Barlow theater things start to really get twisted. Thing is no one else actually saw a baby fall other than Greta. Then comes the disappearance of her brother and two other local boys who went into the theater, but never came out. 

(present-day) Kit Boyd's best friend disappeared in the very same theater decades later while taping a show called the psychic and the Skeptic. They have just scratched the surface of the theatre past, the lost boys the woman in White. What is behind this disappearance an ages-old curse or a perfectly sane explanation?

Delving into the injustices of the 1915 period really had me thinking. The struggles of the less fortunate the stigma of mental illness, and the disparity of the classes made me ponder about how nothing has actually changed in all those years. It's sad really. Anyway, I digress.

It's funny how during the whole novel I was sure there would be a non paranormal explanation for all of the sightings and disappearances but as I read, I seriously could not figure out the clues! This is such a fun story, abet a little creepy. I always find that when I get to the last page of a novel penned by Jamie Jo Wright, I feel a little bit let down. Not because I didn't love the story, but because I came to the end of the book and would have to wait for her next addition!

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