Wednesday 27 August 2014

Book Review: Blind Trust

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ISBN # 9780800722234

From The Back:

Kate's not sure how deep this deception goes--but she'll do whatever it takes to find out.
Kate Adams had no idea she was carrying counterfeit money and can't believe that it came from her sweet elderly neighbor. Or that it has landed her in the middle of another of Detective Tom Parker's investigations. Determined to prove her neighbor's innocence, Kate stumbles into a pit of intrigue far deeper than a two-bit counterfeit operation--and one that strikes too close to home for comfort.

As family secrets come to light, her world--and her budding romance with Tom--begin to crumble. To Kate, it's clear that she won't be safe until she uncovers all of Port Aster's secrets. But then will it be too late for her and Tom?
My Reflections:

Book two of the Port Aster series proves to be just as suspenseful and well written as the first novel written by Sandra Orchard. Just enough action to keep you flipping the pages and just enough potential bad guys to keep you guessing..who done it?

Blind Trust is packed full of twists and turns, you really are left on the edge waiting for the next shoe to fall. In this second book Kate Adams is in hot water again, charged with passing counterfeit money Kate finds herself ensconced in Detective Tom Parker's files once more.  The only possible link seems to be Kate's dear elderly neighbor Verna Nagy, but how could this sweet lady be involved? Kate is determined to get to the bottom of it all.

This book is definitely not a stand alone and reading "Deadly Devotion" first will afford the reader greater understanding into the plot and characters. This book literally starts from where the first left off. Be warned that if you are one of those people who love to end a book tidily wrapped up with a bow on top, this book ends partially wrapped and without its bow. I am eagerly anticipating book three to be released, the cliff hanger is just too much for this country girl to endure!

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group". 
About the author:
Sandra Orchard

Sandra Orchard

Sandra Orchard is the award-winning author of several inspirational romantic suspense/mysteries, including Deadly Devotion and Blind Trust. Her Love Inspired Suspense titles have garnered two Canadian Christian Writing Awards and a...
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Tuesday 19 August 2014

Book Review: Miracle in a Dry Season

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From the Back:

In a Drought, It's the Darkest Cloud
That Brings Hope

It's 1954 and Perla Long's arrival in the sleepy town of Wise, West Virginia, was supposed to go unnoticed. She just wants a quiet, safe place for her and her daughter, Sadie, where the mistakes of her past can stay hidden. But then drought comes to Wise, and Perla is pulled into the turmoil of a town desperately in need of a miracle.

Casewell Phillips has resigned himself to life as a bachelor...until he meets Perla. She's everything he's sought in a woman, but he can't get past the sense that she's hiding something. As the drought worsens, Perla's unique gift divides the town in two, bringing both gratitude and condemnation, and placing the pair in the middle of a storm of anger and forgiveness, fear and faith.

My Reflections:

Miracle in a Dry Season is Sarah Loudin Thomas`s debut novel, I can tell you she is off to a fabulous writing career! A charming story that tugs at your heart and fills you with the desire to ignore the world around you.

Perla escaping to Wise, West Virginia to her aunt and Uncles home is hiding in the shadows trying to shroud her daughter from the gossip, and mean spirited behaviour surrounding her status as a unwed mother to beautiful Sadie. Perla hopes her transgressions can stay hidden in this little town, but it looks as though things will not change much..

Caswell Phillips a bachelor content to play his music and create beauty from wood, is quite resigned to bachelorhood, until he meets Perla. Things quickly spiral out of control when his father becomes ill, and the drought changes his community for the worst. Caswell is quick to judge Perla, but soon feels remorse. Can he forgive himself for his lack of empathy and nearsightedness? What about his growing attraction to this woman, and her sweet child?

As the community endures a severe drought Perla does what she does best she cooks. Town-folk flock to eat from Perla's pot, but soon become suspicious over her "Knack" for making food stretch far past norm. The God given gift Perla is blessed with is misconstrued by the bigoted, intolerable people of Wise. Caswell must decide where his loyalties rest, and how he is going to handle the pain and confusion in his life.

This book is beautifully written, and I quite enjoyed the though provoking and inspirational plot. It was interesting to see how the author displayed the way the world can take a spiritual blessing, given by God to do his will and turn it around and try to make it something dirty and looked upon as evil.

This is the first book in the Appalachian Blessings series, watch for the next book to be released soon!

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group"

About the author: 

Sarah Loudin Thomas

 Sarah Loudin Thomas

Sarah Loudin Thomas is a fund-raiser for a children's ministry who has also published freelance writing for Mountain Homes Southern Style and Now & Then magazines, as well as The Asheville Citizen-Times and The Journey Christian...

Thursday 14 August 2014

DIY : How to Make Your own Dandruff Shampoo

 Say Goodbye to Dandruff

Dandruff is a tricky condition to get rid of, especially if you want to avoid chemical-laden shampoo specially formulated for dandruff. 

The good news is there is an easy, safe and affordable way to keep the flakes at bay.

Simple and easy, smacks at my love language!


-Baking Soda:

Mix baking soda and water to make a runny paste and wash like you would normal shampoo, paying attention to your scalp.
Rinse well you will want to get all the baking soda mixture out.

Use this mixture like you would shampoo, there is no need for any other product. Say hello to soft, flake free hair. Keep up this regime regularly to ensure that your scalp recovers.

I will definitely continue using this treatment for my DD who has chronic dandruff, it really works!I Costco sells mega boxes of Baking soda so that is a great place to shop! I store ours in the bathroom in a small plastic Rubbermaid container, with a spoon so that she can easily mix it up. Your hair will come out so soft and fluffy!



Friday 8 August 2014

Top Homeschool Resource blogs

Summer is almost over and I am desperately trying to get excited and motivated to teach my three kids for another school year.

I don't know about you but I am having a hard time finding the sparkle this year. Perhaps it is the hot beautiful summer days that tempt me to ditch the planning and go to the river, it could very well be that I am still trying to find the right system that will work for all three of the kids, or it quite possibly be that I am a seasoned procrastinator and I will need to wait until the very last minute to find my passion.

Here are some blogs I frequent to garner passion and inspiration listed are my top favorites, I also stumbled across some that the schoolhouse review crew's recommendations. Hope this list of talented bloggers helps your year start with vigour and excitement!


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AdenaF — Top Ten Favorite Homeschool Blogs

Raventhreads – My Favorite Blogs for Relaxed and Project Based Learning

where life happens — Favorite Blogs

Every Bed of Roses — My Favourite Homeschool Blogs

Delivering Grace – 16 UK Christian Home Education blogs

Happy Little Homemaker – The Only 4 Sites You Need for Tot-PreK-K ABC Printables

Chestnut Grove Academy — Blogs I Love and Workboxing Fun with FREE Printables (PreK-3rd)

Guiding Light Homeschool — Favorite Homeschool Blogs

Weavings – My 5 Favorite Homeschool Blogs

Monday 4 August 2014

Book Review: Captured By Love

Cover Art


Michigan Territory, 1814A voyageur and a young woman swept up in a time of upheaval and danger
discover firsthand the high price of freedom.

The British Army has taken control of Michilimackinac Island and its fort, forcing the Americans to swear an oath of loyalty to the crown in order to retain their land. Pierre Durant is a fur trader who returns after being away from the island for years, only to find the family farm a shambles and those he cares about starving and at the mercy of British invaders.

Torn between the adventurous life of fur trading and guilt over neglecting his defenseless mother, Pierre is drawn deeper into the fight against the British--and into a relationship with Angelique MacKenzie, a childhood friend who's grown into a beautiful woman. She now finds herself trapped by the circumstances of war and poverty, and the cruelty of her guardian, Ebenezer Whiley.

As tensions mount and the violence rages on, Pierre and Angelique must decide where their loyalties rest and how much they'll risk for love.

My Reflections:

From the first page to the end this book will draw you in with adventure, action, heart rendering drama and so much more. I very much enjoyed the historical elements of this book, it was a unique story line that really brought to light the era of 1814, and the plight of the British held Mackinac Island. The story is brimming with life, and flows seamlessly. It was a real pleasure to read such a wonderfully penned story.

Angelique is caught in a tumultuous situation she is just trying to survive. Longing for the day when she can be freed from the grips of her stepfather's cruelty and the shadow of her mother's scandalous past, Angelique longs for the day when she once again sees Jean, the man she once promised her future to, but that was a long time ago and things have changed so much. When Jean's Brother Pierre a seasoned fur trader comes back into her life she must make decisions that will affect her future.

Pierre a rough and tumble fur trader returns to find his mother half starved, and his beloved country over run with the British invasion. Guilt and budding feelings for Angelique drive Pierre to toss aside his adventurous spirit and stick by their sides. But his very presence could endanger them all; his past may very well catch up with him.

Will Angelique stay loyal to the man she had promised herself to? If not will she be able to live with the outcome? Can Pierre balance his loyalties to the Americans and the people he loves?

This book has all the elements present to achieve another Inspirational reader's choice award, it was every bit as good as Hedlund's other best sellers: Rebellious Heart, A Nobel Groom and the Preacher's Bride.
If you are looking for a good Historical fiction that doesn't sacrifice history for a good story you may want to check this one out! Well done Jody Hedlund.

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group"

About the Author:

 Jody Hedlund

Jody Hedlund

Jody Hedlund is the bestselling author of The Doctor's Lady and The Preacher's Bride. She won the 2011 Inspirational Reader's Choice Award, the 2011 Award of Excellence from the Colorado Romance Writers and was a finalist for Best Debut Novel in...
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Friday 1 August 2014

Book Review: Love Comes Home

Cover Art


When the flush of victory fades, there remains a winding road to an uncertain future.
World War II is finally over and the people of Rosey Corner are joyfully welcoming the boys home. The Merritt sisters in particular are looking toward the future. Kate is eager to start a family and live out her dream of happily ever after with Jay. Evangeline craves a beautiful house and encourages Mike to pastor a big-town church. Victoria wants what can never be. And Lorena is growing up and wondering more and more about her birth family.

Each sister must learn to hold her plans with a loose hand, trusting that God will guide and strengthen them as they share the joys and sorrows of life in their little corner of the world.

Award-winning and bestselling author Ann Gabhart invites you back to Rosey Corner for a heartfelt story that closes the distance between the things that were and things that can yet be.

Ann H. Gabhart is the bestselling author of Angel Sister, Small Town Girl, and Words Spoken True, as well as several Shaker novels--The Outsider, The Believer, The Seeker, The Blessed, and The Gifted--and The Heart of Hollyhill series. She lives with her husband a mile from where she was born in rural Kentucky. Learn more at

 My Reflections:

 I thoroughly enjoyed Gabhart's third book, in her Rosey Corner Series. In this poignant novel that delves into loss, hardship, love and new beginnings Gabhart does a fine job of fleshing out the real issues of the era. 

The story begins just as world war 11 is declared over, and the troops are coming home. Celebrations break out all over the country, and Rosey Corner is no exception. As the men who have survived return home, life is just not the same. Women are expected to resume their domestic responsibilities after working hard at "masculine positions". Men are expected to forget the horrors of war and find a new normal. Thing is nothing is the same, and life is forever altered.
Each of the Merritt sisters must come to grips with their new realities and persevere through. Such heart gripping accounts.

I so enjoyed how Gabhart captures the the emotions of her characters and artfully displays them in a seamless and believable array of true to life depictions. She has a way of knitting together all her characters and coming out with a beautifully bound masterpiece.

I have not read Angel Sister but had the pleasure of reading Small Town Girl, and absolutely loved that one. All Gabhart's books can be read as a stand alone but do your self a favour and treat your self to the whole collection!

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group".
About the Author:
 Ann H. Gabhart

Ann H. Gabhart

Ann H. Gabhart is the bestselling author of Angel Sister, Small Town Girl, and Words Spoken True, as well as several Shaker novels--The Outsider, The Believer, The Seeker, The Blessed, and The Gifted--and...
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