Tuesday 16 July 2013

How chore pouches changed my life!

So you ask, how do laminated cards in little plastic sleeves change a persons life?

In this post I will tell you a simple, no yelling way to get what needs to be done, well... done!

I stumbled across this idea when visiting my new friends the cow milking, fun and friendly Homeschooling crew. They are one inspiring family!

The kids were wearing these strange necklaces, and me the ever curious friend asks ..uh what's stuck to all your kids.. is that so you remember all their names? I think there are 10 kids in the family, but they never stop moving so I have not officially counted.

The ever so gracious hostess smiles at my lame-o attempt at humor and explains the concept to me.....I initially thought it strange and slightly humiliating for a child to wear their chores around their necks until completed.

But the more I pondered the concept the more I was sold on trying it.

who cares, I thought we all have a ball and chain, and if those children of mine do the chores I nag them to complete without all the hoopla, well why not give it a whirl?

My conclusion: LOVE IT!

Here is my Cadillac version sourced from a few different blogs:

Here is the Chain and ball, hehehe no really here is the chore pack necklace. This is the 5 year olds everyone has their color hers is pink!

 Here is the actual chores, notice it is visual and written for readers and non readers alike!
 laminated and cut out for durability.

The packs are sorted the night before and the chores I want completed for the next day are in order in the pack and hanging on the childrens door for morning.

So when the kids wake up they pop on their chore pack and flip through the chores as they complete them. So if little one was wearing this pack pictured here I could look at her and know she was on "Make Bed"  No nagging, no bribing...the bribe is in the pack.

At the end of the chores the children have a "mystery reward card" It could be something simple like bake with mom, or free time, or Phone a friend. Or it could be pick a prize out of our prize basket. (I fill these with dollar store goodies)

These charts have saved me from the constant nagging, they really work, my friends!!

Here are the site I found to download the "chore picture cards" Lots of other useful ideas here as well.


Love this blog!

Enjoy Hope this helps the chores get done in your house as well... Blessings!

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