Wednesday 10 April 2013

Homeschool resources: Canadian Government study!

Well here I am in the busiest season.... Spring, and lo' and behold I have not tackled that PLO called ~Government~ Sigh, perhaps I have been procrastinating.

If you are in the same persnickety position I am in, here are some resources that just may save your bacon!

I am going to be reading these books to the children, and designing my unit from them:

Coming to Canada: by Robert Livesey, Discovering Canada's Government: by Oxford University Press, Canada votes: by Linda Granfield and lastly, Who Runs this country Anyway? by Joanne Stanbridge.

I also came across this nifty lap book, and really who doesn't love a lap book!
It has websites to reference, more books and links to other sites.

This is Natalie Sing, she has such a cool website filled with lap book resources. LOVE IT!  

Here is the finished product.

We had such fun! With the election happening it was a perfect opportunity to visit the offices of the candidates and "interview them" So we included the pamphlets that were compiled, along with newspaper clippings of noteworthy campaign articles. The children enjoyed this unit so much, also we have had many discussions about who to elect and why in our home. What a practical way to learn about the government and the process of elections.
~ If you have no idea what a lap book is, here is a demo on how to make a lap book~
To top it off we will be taking a trip to the parliament buildings.
 I so enjoy putting our book learning to practice, I remember when I was in school this was what I truly recalled from my lessons...the fun!

Really shouldn't school be fun?

I will update this post with pictures of the "end results"

Hope this helps and have fun!!



  1. I had a student once that used his quest to learn about where he could and could not use a pellet gun as the springboard for a government study. Interviewed RCMP, MLA, and MP about gun laws and more as well as reading/researching.

    I think pet laws could be another neat springboard - types of allowable pets, exotic pets, where pets can/can't go... I had another student research online a bit and then go to the buildings in Victoria for a tour.

    Have fun! Find a topic that interests your family. GMO's/food labeling/chickens could be of interest.... hmmm....


  2. I am so glad that this resource worked for you!!
    I had fun making it for my daughter!!
    Have a great time at the Parliament Buildings,

  3. Hi Natalie!
    Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog, and will be back again soon to find more learning fun! Keep up the great work.
    Thank you.
    Country Girl


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