Sunday 20 May 2012

Bitter or improved by 40? The choice is yours!

Thinking, thinking, thinking,
I seem to be doing a lot of that lately, deep thinking, the kind that makes the top of your head hot.
Why, you say?
 Is it because I have a crummy water source or perhaps my tweens are trying my last set of nerves, nope it is none of that.

I am thinking about the state of my life, yes I know I have blogged about it quite a bit, perhaps it is this country air I am breathing. Perhaps I have nothing better to do...
The book I am reviewing quotes the author saying, that you will either be Bitter or Improved by the time you are 40.
 Gosh I sure don't want to be bitter, that would be, well very simply unpleasant!

So now I have been thinking on how I am going to go about being improved.
I could go start a cleanse, I could exercise more, I could ditch my grass garden and plant flowers (I am starting to rethink this whole sustainable garden gig, unless I start to steam grass) I could even get some plastic surgery done, but frankly I don't much like pain and the older I get the more comfortable I feel in my own skin, (that's got to be a good sign!)

So here I am still thinking, head getting warm…..

I think we all want to be happy right? But the more I really get to know people the more I understand about the human condition, we all deal with our "stuff" somehow. I don’t know many truly “happy” people; we all seem to be searching for, well…something.

That new porch swing that I want is not going to make me happy, I will some day get it and have a grand time sitting and reading on it but it will not bring the joy I expect it to. This will lead me to feel disappointed and then I will move on to the next great "thing" that I feel will fill that void. But it won’t. Ever find this happening in your life?

My friends that void is put there for a purpose, no earthly "thing" is going to fill you up. Not that handsome looking man, not getting into those skinny jeans you keep in the closet just in case, ( I have a pair or two as well)  not that great ride on lawnmower that you think will simplify your weekends!

No I think God put that feeling there so that we may feel uncomfortable, unsettled and dissatisfied. Why would a loving God do that you say?

I think Our God wants us…… the real deal, not our Sunday fake smile and wave, self, but us.

The good the bad and the ugly. The young the old the weak and the strong.
Friends I think I have been running after smoke all this time. I think I have wasted my energy.

Life doesn’t just happen, it must be lived.
Change does not just happen it is a choice.

Well here I am living and choosing, not to chase after smoke and bubbles, but after my savoir who can fill me to the brim with LIFE, a life well lived. It is so very simple; I just need to surrender my will and follow HIS will. I will have to tell my self this quite often as selfishness and willfulness seem to be my first and last name.
I am here to tell you though I have 4 years left before I am either Bitter or Improved, so lets see where my God leads me!
I am so very excited to live this adventure, this dream, this life.
Where are you on your journey? Are you content, happy, fulfilled?
I pray my friend that today you are all these things. That the life you are living is just where you are suppose to be right here, right now using the gifts you have been given for the glory of the Lord!
Ephesians 2:10
For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

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