Tuesday 15 May 2012

How To Kill grass....

Here I am in the country, still wanting to plant that garden, but low and behold I go out to look at the peas and beans I planted last week and there is grass growing IN my garden beds.

Now in our area there is a no pesticide use policy.
Because you see, if I was back in the City I would go and grab the Roundup, and have a spray party while sucking back a Tim Horton's Hot Chocolate.

Alas Tim's is 1/2 hr away, I am now Wheat intolerant... and I can't use round up.....What am I going to do? 

Google being my best friend out here, because I am yet to find a real live one, tells me the following, natural ways to kill grass, Just in case you didn't want to use round up or have a great tasting beverage, that is.

Gosh now I really want a Tim's English Toffee.


How to Kill Grass Using Vinegar

Kill unwanted grass with vinegar. White or pickled vinegar is another great way to kill your grass without the use of harmful chemicals. It is safe and will not harm the environment. However, do not spray near any plants you want to keep, as vinegar will kill them too.
Vinegar is readily available at most supermarkets and while pickling vinegar may cost a little more, it still doesn’t cost as much as harmful chemicals. When using vinegar to kill your grass, keep in mind that it works better in smaller areas and during hot conditions. In fact, the hotter the better. Therefore, opt for hot summer days for better results. Simply saturate the grassy area with vinegar and within days (sometimes sooner), the grass will die.
If you’re looking for safe ways to kill grass, these natural methods are easy and affordable with great results.

Kill Unwanted Grass with Newspaper

If you want to know how to kill grass naturally, look no further than your Sunday paper. Newspaper works wonders. The fact that this is readily available at little or even no cost is just one of the benefits. Using newspaper as a way how to kill grass naturally is easy and can be used for both small and large areas. It also decomposes, adding nutrients to the soil.
Start by mowing the area where you want to kill your grass. This allows the newspaper to lay flatter and closer to the grass. Wet the area and begin placing thick layers of newspaper (about 8-10 sheets) over the grass, overlapping in different directions as you go. You may want to continue wetting the area to prevent the newspaper from blowing away. Wetting the paper beforehand is another option; however, it may be more difficult to work with and prone to tearing.
Once the area is completely covered, add mulch or landscape fabric, depending on your intent for the area’s use. As no light will penetrate the area, the grass will eventually smother and die.

So I think I will go read last weeks paper and get the french fries cooking, and have a country style paper laying french fry eating, with vinegar garden party!

Love Ya!


  1. Fire also works well....a small butane torch..... or a big tiger torch...... great for week/grass removal!

  2. Nick perhaps I am desperate enough to try that. A little gas a little fire and presto no more grass, I did this to my eyebrows once..not on purpose mind you, but I think like my uni brow the grass will probably just grow back?


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