Saturday 14 April 2012

Good bye Day Care......

Well today I did it,
I decided that I am going to sell all of my Day Care equipment, or what is left of it.

I have been in this new land for 5 months and I am tired of looking at all of those boxes and all those toys that have so many great memories attached to them.
 I realize it is not the stuff I am attached to but the sweet little ones who have touched my heart and still dwell there.
I am feeling quite nostalgic at the moment and am thinking of each little face that went through my Child Care Center.
I pray each one is doing well and happy, that they are growing to be all God intended them to be. Gosh who knew I would miss them so much!

But this brings me back to the place I am,  full circle happens quite often, I am like a dog chasing its tail.
DH needs me to help him with his business, and I just don't have the heart to start over. I can't seem to shake the little ones I left behind, It is just to raw.
So that is it I am going to get rid of it all and completely start new!

This will be therapeutic right?

It reminds me of what God wants for our lives, to be new, a new beginning, a second chance ( or perhaps a third or forth?) 
I think God desires us to let go of our old baggage we drag about, so that he can fill us with a new purpose.
Are you tired of dragging around stuff, hurts from the past, anger, resentment, unfulfilled dreams, we all have them, the key I think is how we handle them.

How do handle disappointment, anger, stress and sadness?
Do you stuff it?, take it out on someone close to you?, go for a run?  we can't always control our emotions but we don't have to be controlled by them either.

I am finding the more I give to God the more he changes me from the inside out.  And I like that, I have such a long road ahead of me to becoming the person he wants me to be, but the point is I'm on the road.

I know I will probably end up taking the long way, cuz I just have a tendency to getting lost, and forgetting where I am going, I wish he would issue me a GPS, it sure would be a whole lot easier.
But I guess easy is a tad boring!
Have I ever told you I like boring?
See told you where was I going with that?

Right, well point is I am giving just one more thing to God trust. I am going to move froward and not live in the past, (the city, my wee friends, and proper water.) I am going to trust God has a plan in bringing me to this very beautiful, land. I am going to live by faith not by feelings.

So if you have a need for 75 match box cars I am the country girl to ask!

~The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance ( to the full, till it overflows).
John 10:10

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