Friday 27 April 2012

Dead dog.......??

Husband arrives home to a huge pile of white dog fur. The fur is not just in one place but scattered all over the front lawn and side of the house.
Dear husband rushes inside expecting to see the worse, kids in tears, wife beside herself trying to console the dear children.
He thinks to himself, "it has finally happened the dog has finally been eaten by the Cougar or Eagles....poor dog". He ponders, halting in his steps.
 "I loved that dog, ya I always told every one I was not a small dog kind of man but I loved her"

So with a heavy heart he walks into the house, lump in his throat beseechingly looking for his family.

What he sees is a very different scenario.... happy children, busy wife, perhaps they don't know, perhaps the fate of our beloved dog has not come to their attention?

He looks at his dear wife tears in his eyes,
"um have you seen the dog around lately?" 

She reply's, "Yes, I guess you noticed what happened out there" I haven't had a chance to clean it up yet, quite a lot of fur, eh, not much left of the poor thing I am afraid"

The husband quite dumbstruck asks, "have you told the kids?" The wife replies, "well yes they saw the whole thing"

At this point the poor husband is at a loss for words and can't seem to figure out why every one is so darn happy...

..In walks what is left of the dog....happily wagging it's sheared pathetic tail, looking more like a pink rat than a dog...seems the wife has bought herself dog sheers and used them! The husband will refuse to walk that dog, indeed!

Poor poor dog!


  1. Poor Hana does not look happy. Thank goodmess she is OK. Love youn all. Hana's favorite Aunt.

  2. Dog shears.... where do I get dog shears??
    They're for Lucy.............really!

    Dave K

  3. That is one hilarious story! And the poor dog! I could just see it all taking place in my head as I read the story! We miss you in the Wack!!!



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