Wednesday 2 January 2019

The Surprise

The Best Surprise Ever!

This is Jovi, he is an Autism Assistant Guide Dog and my best friend. Now if you saw my last post you would know that I have Autism and Jovi helps me a lot, but have you ever stopped to ask how I got Jovi?
 Tighten your seatbelts this is Jovi's story.

It all started when my Mom told me she had to get more training for another dog we have.   

She went away for a whole week, to Ontario. I missed her so much, that was a long week.

When it came to us to get her from the airport we walked in and then I saw her! 
I ran as fast as I could and flung myself onto her. 

Little did I know that she had a really big surprise for me! Hiding behind her was a beautiful dog, MY DOG! When I first saw him he was full of hyper happiness. 

That is my favourite memory! Jovi is my best friend.
Now I can take Jovi anywhere I go, he is especially helpful when I am at the doctor's office.
I take him almost everywhere I go. If you have an Autism Assistant Guide Dog take him (or her) to the movie theatre Jovi loves watching movies, especially if there are dogs in the movie.

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