Wednesday 16 January 2019

Autism Questions (and advice)

               What are your thoughts on Autism?
when I think of Autism I think" why me" those 2 words are selfish so I try to say

" Autism: something to blame for my awkward social skills":)

                        Why do I have awkward social skills?
I find it hard to communicate with other kids. I think what if they don't like me
what if they think I am weird.
I shouldn't think that because who cares if I have autism. I shouldnèt be ashamed of that. I'm good at other things that may not interest other kids as much. I can cook most anything as long as I have a recipe and read all kinds of books beyond my age level. Who need social skills anyways!
                               Does Autism beat you?

  • I do Autism AND basketball I win at both. Does Autism beat you?
    If it does don't let it discourage you.

     you WILL win, maybe just not today. It might be a while. It might
    be tomorrow! All I can say for sure is you are a blessing
    to God and your parents
    think about it
    pray about it
    read about it
    don't give in
    to Autism. It may affect the way you view your world, but it is not who you are!

    Enjoy life

  • Let God lead you
  • When you're having a hard day speak to God he will heal 
  • Watch a sunset or sunrise
  • Live every day like it's your last
  • Love God
  • Stay positive

I hope this has helped you and your kid\kids.

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