Monday 24 December 2018

Book Review: Unexpected Blessings, The Joys and Possibilities if a life in a Special-Needs Family

From the Back:

When someone in your family is diagnosed with a special need, it can be difficult to move past the pain and confusion. Why did this happen? What will our lives look like now? But living in a special-needs family can be a special blessing! Are you ready to face the future with hope? Speaking honestly about the challenges that accompany a variety of disabilities, author Sandra Peoples shows you how to
· let go of false beliefs that hold you back,
· work through the cycles of grief,
· focus on self-care and healthy routines,
· rebuild a strong faith foundation, and
· create support systems for yourself and others.

Filled with real-life stories and hard-earned wisdom, this book shines a light on the possibilities and blessings that come when you see your new purpose in life--which was God's purpose for you all along.

My Reflections:

Can I just start by saying "AMEN" Sandra Peoples addresses so many issues I face on a daily basis! This book was a breath of fresh air to read. I didn't tackle it like I normally do- focused sit down get er done kind of approach. I savoured each and every healing encouraging page. 

Peoples comes alongside parents with gentle encouragement and a shining light of hope. A diagnosis is just that, a label, a way of organizing help so desperately need as parents with blessed kids.
I have two children with such labels, so I know a little about this walk. It's tiring, and some days even discouraging but it is also one of my biggest blessings. My loves are perfect. They are God-given miracles. God does not make mistakes, he makes us perfect and unique in our own right.

Another aspect of this book that I found helpful is how Peoples addresses the issues of well-meaning people who try to say the right things, "God won't give you more than you can handle", or "How do you do it every day?" To quote another book I recently reviewed, its Okay not to be Okay!  God gives us peace and sincere hope coupled with love to get us through all circumstances in our lives.

Peoples encouragement is sure to uplift and motivate all parents facing a new (or old) diagnosis.
If you are looking for that last minute gift idea, or are a parent with a special child of your own this is definitely a must read.

Thank you Sandra Peoples for putting a voice to so many of those questions and issues we all face as parents. Your God-centered book was just what I needed to read in this season of my life! 

Sandra Peoples

Sandra Peoples, MDiv, ( is a leading voice in the disability community as an encourager to special-needs parents. She has been a member of a special-needs family since the day she was born. Her older sister has Down syndrome, and in 2010...
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