Friday 28 December 2018

Book Review: Times Gone By

From the Back:

After giving up on love, she faces a dilemma of the heart.
After getting left at the altar, Kenzie Gifford flees to San Francisco to start her life over, determined never to love again. She's made new friends and has a good job in the office of her cousin's chocolate factory. The only thorn in her side is Dr. Micah Fisher, who insists on pursuing her despite her constant resistance.

Then the Great Earthquake of 1906 strikes the city, and everything changes. The devastation all around her makes Kenzie reevaluate her outlook on life--and possibly even her feelings for Micah. Her world is rocked again when her ex-fiancé appears, determined to win her back. But Arthur already broke her heart once. Does she dare trust him again? The sudden arrival of a hidden danger will expose the motivations of all involved, but it could cost Kenzie her heart--and her life.
My Reflections:
Tracy Peterson knows how to pen an engaging story, her newest novel is no exception. The plot is brimming with danger, intrigue and twists and turns that just might make your head spin.  This is the third book in the series "Golden Gate Secrets" and although the plot ties in nicely with the previous characters this novel has enough detail to be considered a stand-alone. 

I really didn't expect that I would so quickly be drawn into this story. I absolutely adore Tracy Peterson and her writing style but was not as intrigued by the last two novels. This one was by far one of my favourites. I'm not sure if it was the passion for the disenfranchised, which really hits close to my heart or perhaps the thread of three very different strangers meeting on a train, then forming an unbreakable bond. I found each story so unique since all three women have varying degrees of refinement, differ in their relationships with Christ and are not all equal in wealth and status. Each story has a love twist, which keeps it interesting as well! 

In this story focuses on Kenzie and Micah. I could very well understand why Kenzie had sworn off men, her hurt is completely understandable, however, I found Micah a tad too persistent for my liking. The whole relationship was perhaps a little drawn out. But I suppose this is true to life, right? I'm a hopeless romantic.. too many Hallmark movies this Christmas season! 

The plot was fascinating. I love that Tracy Peterson always does her homework and folds the story seamlessly around historical events. In this case the Great Earthquake of 1906.
It made me want to dig into some research of my own.

All in all a very authentic and thought-provoking book on so many levels. If you love historical fiction, coupled with heart pulling themes this may be your next read!
Well done Tracy Peterson!

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