Thursday 6 December 2018

Book Review: Jerusalem's Queen

From the back:

Born in the small village of Modein, a town made famous by the warrior Maccabees, Salome Alexandra knows better than to harbor grand dreams for her future. She pales in comparison to her beautiful older sister, and though she learns to read at an early age, girls are not valued for their intellectual ability. But when her father and sister are killed, John Hyrcanus, a distant relative, invites Salome and her mother to live with his family in Jerusalem, where her thirst for knowledge is noticed and indulged.

When her guardian betroths her to a pagan prince, she questions HaShem's plan. When Hyrcanus finally marries her to a boy half her age, she questions her guardian's sanity. But though Salome spends much of her life as a pawn ordered about by powerful men, she learns that a woman committed to HaShem can change the world.
My reflections:
Angela Hunt's third book from "The Silent Years" was everything I expected from an Angela Hunt novel and so much more. Packed with historically accurate details and a complex plot that keeps you guessing. This is the exact reason why I love Hunt's books so much. Written from the two main characters point of view we were given insight into the inner workings of the palace. While this was enlightening, this aspect of the book could be a little confusing in the first couple of chapters. 

Shelamzion starts off as a young girl and as the book progresses she grows into adulthood gaining in both wisdom and grace. From a young age, she upholds truth and isn't afraid to speak out against things she knows is wrong. Shelamzion has a thirst for righteousness and even being a girl studies the Torah. Stuck in an unequally matched marriage Shelamzion struggles to stay true to God while leading her husband in the ways of the Torah. 

Kissa is Shelamzions faithful servant who stands beside her throughout the whole book. Her level-headed view of the world and life experience shaped Kissa into the perfect mentor to guide Shelamzion into the spotlight. Kissa's role as a gentile allows her to ask key questions that shape Shelamzions beliefs. Her traumatic past helps her decern dangerous situations and warns her friend of impending danger. 

Over-all I thoroughly enjoyed this novel devouring it in only two days. I would recommend this to anybody who loves historic biblical fiction. I feel this book is appropriate for early teens and up. The only suggestive scene is on their wedding night, and although it wasn't explicit the reader is aware of what's happening. If you are looking for a thoughtful well-written read then this may just be the book for you. 

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