Thursday 29 November 2012

River adventure ~the flood~

HA never a dull moment here in the country in the wet season! I much prefer the summer I am thinking.
My day started out with normal chores like making a fire, getting firewood, chopping it into smaller pieces and overseeing the feeding of all the animals. I then went about the property tying down anything that could blow away, float away and repairing things that did.
As I was doing my rounds I realized that we now have river front property, I know we did before but now it is really visible from the house. :-)

So I then went about trying to switch over the wells because our new well is covered in quite a lot of water, how do I know this you ask? Because I realized the top of the well cap was not screwed down very well and I tried to wade out to it, umm let’s just say that as soon as you get to your hips, the water sucks out your energy!
So what does a resourceful country girl do?, She gets the canoe out of course!
Dear son lending a hand.

After tying the canoe to a rope, (so I don’t get swept downstream) I push off. Wow the current was strong!
a close up of me trying to get the well cap secured.

How far it was

A little wet but no worse for wear. Boots don't work when you wade that far in.

I finally made it to the new well and the cap was till there but hanging on with about 1 screw. I tried for quite a while but the water was rising quickly and I just could not see through the murky water in order to screw the screws down, besides this the current kept pushing me away, and the water was ice cold and making my arms numb!
So I gave up, yep I did. I guess we will have to wash out the new well and buy a new cap! Here are a couple of pictures of my exciting day! Now to figure out how to switch over the well……where is DH when I really need him? Onto school …I am glad I home school who would have held the rope and taken the pictures.. 

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