Monday 19 November 2012

Raccoon encounter

Wowzers,                                  And he kinda looked like this!

 there is a raccoon in the chicken coop!
I went down to tuck the chickens in with the kids tonight and found the biggest coon I have ever seen cozying up to the cluckers, boy was I surprised!

Shoot, Should have seen me, here is a re-enactment of the moment....

Dear daughter #1 "Wow mom look at that big cat",

 Me "kids get out of there, that Is NOT a cat it is a big raccoon!"

So I bravely start to growl, yell and throw things. (Can we say "Craaazzyyy)

Raccoon calmly looks at me and disappears onto the roof. I can still hear him up there though.

Did I mention he was fat and quite large? (Probably full from our chicken)

The coop door blew shut with all the wind and we arrived home later than usual after a lovely day in town, visiting friends and participating in Mobile school activities.

So said chickens were all lined up in the tree and on the fence just waiting to be dinner, to one very happy raccoon!

Son #1 comes running down with the pellet gun and says "Where did he go I will get him!" My brave son to the rescue.

Ha! Only in the country, my friends, only in the country can you have this much excitement!

I am laughing as I write this as things always seem to be "exciting" when dear husband is on the road.

On a serious note, I was pondering things today as I am apt to do.

I thought that today I would do a blog about how life is like a roller coaster: So here it goes.

Sometimes you just need to buckle up and hold of for the ride.
 Ever feel like it would be rather nice to just ride a merry go round? I mean it is predictable, safe and fun (It is my favorite ride).
Thing is it doesn't take you anywhere....It is not a challenge, and it doesn't change,..hmm.. Sounds good eh?

 I just love how God has designed us.
Here we have this drive placed in us, but half the time we are chasing the wind, thinking happiness is right there just a tickling our fingers, often though it rushes right on through, blowing faster than you can reach. But then, in the next instant we are onto a new current, alive, dancing, and loving the feel of the cool air, waiting for the next gust to flip up our hair and tickle our nose.
We are so darn fickle, life is so good!
Yet we always yearn for more, why is that I wonder? I was thinking could it be that it is our fathers hand we feel and not the wind at all. Is our father steering us to what really matters, and not just the meaningless chase of the dandelion fluff of life?
 I dunno just a thought for today.

 Buckle up friends, take a risk, and enjoy the ride, who knows what is around the bend?  
Oh, and please get off the merry go round it’s for babies!

Oh and watch out for racoons in your coop...

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