Sunday 25 November 2012

Country Girl goes shopping and other such stuff

It has been a full and satisfying week.
It was comprised of driving, driving and thrift store shopping. I absolutely love to find a treasure; another person’s junk is my fabulous new show piece.

I found a few items that I had been searching for, the first one being a bed frame, it is gorgeous just what I have been looking for, and it was a fraction of the cost of a new one. Funny thing is I was looking in a furniture store and found the exact same bed frame for $1600. Mine used was under $100. Yippee, got to love a bargoon!

You should have seen me cleaning it though. It kind of freaked me out thinking of bed bugs, that could have caused the previous owner to turf a perfectly good bed frame….It’s clean friends, it’s clean…..And thank you A.S. for instilling this into my head, I will never be the same…remember when you showed me the dead bed bug a client brought to your office. Can we say AHHHHHHH!

The next thing I found was a shelf you know my style shabby chic, chicken wire…love it! Cost $9.00
I may paint it though as it is really an off green, who knows it, may just stay the way it is?
I will post pictures soon!

So other that treasure hunting I have been chauffeuring my children to more home school activities than you can shake a stiff chicken at. Dear son did Rocketry which he loved, and he still has all his hands and feet, to show for it.
Dear daughters 1 and 2 participated in drama class, which they both excelled in, I mean drama really what was I thinking, they live and breathe being drama queens…Especially the little one! Her new saying is “mom, I broke my… “Insert offending body part.
 Funny thing is we have a wee little skit at church today and it is dear son who decides to act not the girls…go figure?

As for excitement, farm girl related.
 I helped Dh chop up a whole tree, stack it and pile it, wow talk about exercise!
 There are a few more to go but at least we will have wood and warmth this winter!

 The raccoon has picked off several more chickens, so we decided to put all of our “girls” in the chicken “house”, to keep them safe.
 They are so not happy, these chickens are quite accustomed to roaming all over the place pecking in the dirt and eating bugs and worms, only going in at night, not stuck in a barn. Poor dears, unfortunately until we catch the coon this is the safest place for them. These critters are pretty clever, he knows how to open the chicken coop door and choose his dinner. He also knows how to get the “bait” out of the trap without being caught…every time…. Dang, hate when a beast is smarter than me!

Monday tomorrow, and I am determined to get the kids working very hard on their studies before we take a break for Christmas. 
This home schooling gig is intense!
 I am so happy to say though that the kids and I are finally making some wonderful friendships. 

You can’t possibly know how over joyed I am about this situation. I mean not only are growing closer as a family and learning to work together in a whole new way, but we are also fostering new friendships, and that my friends is a very good thing! God answers prayer.

I know I have many dear and faithful friends back in the city, but on a long and cold winters day you can’t imagine how far away you feel.
 My family I created in the city will always be close and dear to my heart, but your presence has been sorely missed!
It has been a growing year, and I am so thankful to have had God beside me as he stretched and tested me. 
He is so, very faithful, even when I doubt, act rebellious (I know shocking, me rebellious, LOL!) and cry out to him.God is good!

Joshua 1:9-11
 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”


  1. Ohhh- I'm so glad you remembered to clean for bugs!!!

  2. AS, how could I forget? I was going to post a stock picture, but was so grossed out I could not do it. I did however check the matress again before going to bed, just like you showed me LOL! Goodness, I miss you!


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