Monday 6 February 2012

Sunny days!

How was the weather? Sunny?
I am happy to say today was a wonderful, peppy, zippedy do dah day!
A little smidgen of stress, but nifty just the same. Let me tell you about it K?
First thing this morning the drudgery of clean up, but we will skip that part for now. In the afternoon I had an interview. The cute little church I am attending had a position for a daycare worker, so I went. Now how long has it been since I had a real live sit down and ask you revealing questions about your self interview? Oh lets see at least 10 years? No more than that....I was a bucket of nerves, too funny really I mean how do you forget to string together perfectly normal sentences, I ask you?
The interviewers were so sweet and nice that I soon relaxed a tad and was able to form somewhat reasonable answers.
After I returned home we had a impromptu trip to the Beach. It was a pro D day.
I so love the Ocean and the serf, the smell of salt air and playing with the kids in the sand...It was a tad chilly though, and after the Little one walked through the water in her shoes, when she got stuck in the returning tide, we decided it time to go home.
After returning I made a quick supper prep and deemed it bike ride time. I tried to get the thingamijigger installed on my bike so the little one could ride with me...Challenging I tell you as some of the parts were missing. So I thought like a true thrifty farm girl and left the parts that were missing out. Heck I am right there right?
Off we went , cool air chilling us to the bone, but you've never seen bigger smiles than our family had cycling down the road. Even did the country wave to a passerby... until I realised because I put the seat up to get the bike carrier thingy on I could not reach the ground, also little one was in the front of me not in the back so I had no room to get off. Not the best design for midgets! .....had to think quick....threw myself off the bike and quickly caught little one before she flipped, good thing I am a speedy little thing!
Loved today a little excitement, a little adventure, a little exercise and a little country!

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