Saturday 4 February 2012

Oh Deer ~Vote!

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Today was pretty relaxed here on the farm...I am now going to call it a farm, hey I have um lets see 11 chickens now! I think that classifies!?
 We traveled to "town" Did some much needed shopping and got supplies for that fence, for the coop.

So what kind of animals do you think we should get...hey I'm Thinking that will be.. a new poll for next week!

So you know when we moved here we had deer in our back yard all the time, now there are none, I found this strange until I came upon a strange sight.
You see we are trying to be great country folk and compost.
Our skills are lacking and we need to build a proper box but for now we are just throwing it in a pile in the back field.
Well yesterday I go out for a walk and see coffee filters all over the field? Strange round discs scattered all over the entire field.  I think what on earth are all these doing here? I take a closer look and they are completely clean? Strange very very strange!
I am thinking that our friendly deer are coming by early in the morning to get their "fix". Then happily prance away, eyes bulging, minds a buzzing....Who knew ?

Today's verse:
There will be times of security for you-a storehouse of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge.
Isaiah 33:6      ~Something to look forward to!

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