Sunday 12 February 2012

Star Struck!

Funny story to share,
I recently went to "date night" at our new church. I have to laugh at my self sometimes, because I am sure others are laughing at me as well...and lets face it it is better to laugh with them right?
So we are sitting at these pretty tables candles, rose petals the whole bit...I am thinking wow I wonder if the band is going to be there. You see I am a fan of Switch foot, a Christian band. The invitations said they were going to be the featured guest.

So here I am sitting at the table with a few other couples and I am droning on about how I love the band and that I think I spy that they have CD's for sale. I am receiving some "blank" stares but hey I don't care I am caught up in the yippee I am going to see a "star" moment.
The evening starts and a guy takes the stage, he starts talking, and telling us about his counseling program. The merits of bringing the X's ( our hurts) to the frontal lobe of our brain, and not to let the thoughts we have be controlled by the back of our brain. (it was a little more involved, but I will let you take the class)  This is all very interesting and I am enjoying the program very much..but where is Switch Foot?......He then tells us that his program Switchback is very popular and that burly loggers have come to the end of themselves and have been healed by his program...Switchback.....LOL

Bible verse for today:
Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered and that my life is fleeing away. Psalm 39:4    
I love this one for today, it reminds me that I need to make every day count, no matter what I do, I am working for my daddy....My Lord....and I want to do the best job I can possibly do, be the best person I can be...even if I read too fast sometimes  :-)

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