Friday 27 September 2019

Book Review: Welcome To Adulting

From the Back:

You're an adult . . . now what?
Adulting is hard. But sometimes we make it harder than it has to be. Combining entertaining stories from his own experience, insights from the Bible, and compelling evidence from research, Jonathan "JP" Pokluda lays out a roadmap for how to navigate your life as an adult, addressing topics such as:

· friendships and dating
· career and money management
· interpersonal conflict
· controlling anxiety
· recovering from addiction
· discovering your purpose on this earth

If you're struggling to find a footing in the world of adult life, this witty, non-patronizing guide is for you.
My Reflections:
Adulting... do we ever become adults? That's what I felt when I saw this title. I mean we got here somehow? We try to do the things responsible adults do, right?
I loved reading this book in snippets to my fledglings. They groaned and made all the appropriate fuss, but the was listening, and there was no way I was stopping. 
This book is something I wish I had read when I was a newly married young adult. We fumble along and eventually make it out, but wouldn't it have been nice to have a few pointers along the way?
I found myself really enjoying reading this at family dinner time, it opened up so much dialogue, so that alone was a win! I do have to say some of the experiences the authour speaks about were a little bit intense, in the way that I hope my fledglings don't fly into those particular windows, but it was healthy to see the perspective of how life can go wrong with a few bad choices. I think it's safe to say this is a great book to facilitate discussion and open up areas where you may not have previously covered. 
If you are looking for a book for your young adult that speaks to the issues of today, this may be a good resource for you or your fledgling. However I would caution you to not just give it to them and expect them to read it cover to cover because let's face it, they probably won't!

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

Jonathan Pokluda

Jonathan "JP" Pokluda is pastor at Harris Creek in Waco, Texas, and former leader of The Porch, where he saw the ministry grow from 150 to more than 7,000 young adults. The author of the bestselling Welcome to Adulting, Pokluda came to...
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Kevin McConaghy

Kevin McConaghy works as a copywriter for a marketing agency in Dallas, Texas. He's been involved with The Porch since the day it first launched, and served in a variety of roles there for over a decade. As an editor and contributor to The Porch blog,...
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