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Book Review: Confident Moms, Confident Daughters

From The Back:

What we say to our daughters lasts a moment. What we show our daughters lasts a lifetime.
No matter how much we try to tell our daughters that they are beautiful and lovable as they are, words are not enough. And if we're honest, we don't always set the best example. How can we build up confident girls if we struggle to be confident ourselves?

With deep compassion, Maria Furlough delves into the root causes of our insecurity, offers biblical guidance for seeing ourselves as God sees us, and shows how to model our newfound confidence to our impressionable daughters. Speaking as a daughter, a youth leader, and a mother, Furlough shares her own struggles and triumphs, as well as expert advice from a pediatrician, a nutritionist, a Christian counsellor, and more.
My Reflections: If you are a woman who has an influential role in the life of a child this book is for you. Maria Furlough makes it plain that the answer to the issue of how to be more confident lies in our relationship with God. Her assertions are backed up with biblical wisdom and professional advice from experts working in the field.

Furlough balances her subject matter well with ideas about insecurity, self-image and the ways our culture has twisted the Biblical God lense of beauty identity in Christ. This book is a great reminder that our children are watching our actions and beliefs about ourselves and how we need to work on ourselves so in turn, our children can see healthy role modelling. 

The highlight for me in this book was to work hard to portray a healthy self-image regarding myself and my daughters. 
-Don't talk to your kids like you would a friend, they don't need to know personal struggles or burdens. 
-Honest frank discussions will build relationship and help your children feel free to come to you with their big and small problems. 
-Connect with your children, listen when they share their lives with you and be involved in the things they are involved in. 

This book is a fantastic refresher for any mom who has a tween or teenaged daughters or women who work with this age group. Building relationship is critical to the development of our daughters and resources like this one are wonderful tools to help keep this goal in check. I enjoyed the refreshing manner this authour presented her ideas and will certainly be watching for more from Maria Furlough in the future.

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Maria Furlough
Maria Furlough is a wife to her husband, Dave, and a mother to one amazing eleven-year-old daughter, three ridiculously fun boys, and one baby boy who lives in the arms of Jesus. She teaches women's Bible studies and works as the Missions Team Leader at Lake...
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