Thursday 5 September 2019

Book Review: Until The Mountains Fall

From The Back:

"Old Testament-era life is enlivened by the timeless sizzle of desire as Cossette takes a fresh approach to biblical fiction with her deeply impassioned characters and electrifying ardor."--Booklist on Shelter of the Most High

Recently widowed, Rivkah refuses to submit to the Torah law compelling her to marry her husband's brother and instead flees Kedesh, hoping to use her talents as a scribe to support herself. Without the protection of her father, Kedesh's head priest, and the safety of the city of refuge, Rivkah soon discovers that the cost of recklessness is her own freedom.

Malakhi has secretly loved Rivkah for years, but he never imagined his older brother's death would mean wedding her. After her disappearance, he throws himself into the ongoing fight against the Canaanites instead of dwelling on all he has lost. But with war looming over Israel, Rivkah's father comes to Malakhi with an impossible request.

As the enemies that Rivkah and Malakhi face from within and without Israel grow more threatening each day, is it too late for the restoration their wounded souls seek?
My Reflections: 
In Connilyn Cossetts Third book in the series "Cities Of Refuge," we delve headlong into a tale of regret and the paths they take. This is the classic "Prodigal Son" type tale, but with a twist. I absolutely adore Cossette's ability to take well-loved stories from the Bible and craft a little imagination making a well-rounded tale of how characters and people may have acted. It's important to note that these are fictional stories loosely based on the Bible. I love how these stories always encourage me to go back and re-read my Bible stories! It sure brought the ancient cities of refuge to light in the time of 1380 BC. This whole series has been such a treat to read!
Rivkah is grieving her late husband's death, having only been married a short time and at only 18 She is still quite immature, selfish, spoiled and headstrong. According to the laws of levirate marriage, she must marry the younger brother of her late husband. Once a child is born of this union they would be considered the heir of the late husband. Rivkah wants nothing to do with her betrothed, all she can see is a "boy" he is two years younger than she is and her childhood tormenter. Rivkah tries her best to show her disdain for Malakhi, going so far to outright telling him she does not want to marry him. 
Malakhi has secretly loved Rivkah since they were small, but like most boys at that age didn't know how to express his true feelings. Now that he is older and his brother has passed on he wants to prove to her that he can be the man she deserves. However, before he can show her how he truly feels about her she flees, leaving him and their agreement a broken promise. 
I truly had a hard time liking Rivkah's character at the beginning of this book, but as the story progresses we see the devastating outcome of her choices and the five long years of self-loathing, and a spiralling set of choices that lead her ultimately into slavery. By the end, I was completely smitten with all these characters, along with supporting characters, oh how I hope there will be more books delving into some of these stories! 
A very satisfying read perfect, for people who love biblically based fiction. 
Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
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