Sunday 3 February 2019

A Journey Through Autism: Is Your Child Silently Hurting?

Hi, my name is ****** 

Without knowing your child/s could be hurting.

I was embarrassed and still am, but I finally got the strength to tell my mom.
It was really hard for me to say just 10 words, I told my mom that I didn't like when other people said the word "Autism" I don't exactly know why but it makes me feel different...
In a bad way. 
In some situations, I feel like it's OK. because I want to share my experiences with others and try to make it normal, something people are used to. What I really really really don't like it when others talk about me like I'm not there. Doctors, teachers, parents, family members, just talk about me if you must when I'm not there. Nobody likes people talking about them. 

Another thing that really bothers me is styrofoam  (styrofoam=horrible) because rubbing styrofoam is just bad!!!
 If you can imagine nails on a chalkboard you will know what I am feeling. 

Lots of people like me are sensitive to things around them. I suggest fidgets to help with this. I also know that for me headphones work well for me when it is too loud. When things are loud I get a headache and everything is too loud. I can't concentrate, I start to get frustrated. My mind loses focus and I need a break. When I come back I feel better and calmer. 

Reading is what helps me with everything. For when I read all my troubles, the loud, busy fall away and the longer I read the more relaxed I feel. Some kids might not like reading though. Everybody has their favourite thing to do.

                                                       I hope this has helped you!


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  1. Hello 11 year old Autist! I am a 50 year old Autist! I don't like styrofoam either - for the sensory experience (yuck!) and for how it pollutes our beautiful planet (in the making of it, and after it is used).

    I am sorry that people are talking about you, instead of to you. That is not a pleasant experience, I know. I hope that your people hear your "voice" however you express it - in writing, with your body, art, or whatever ways you use to communicate from your amazing brain.

    It has taken me years and years to find out that there is nothing "wrong" with my brain. It is just different from neurotypicals (what we call non-autistic people). Sometimes we Autists have sensory sensitivities and challenges. Sometimes we have difficulty understanding people who don't speak clearly and directly. Sometimes we don't pay attention to words because there is just so much going on in our brains.

    Did you know that scientists estimate that we Autists have 50% more neural pathways in our brains than allistic (another term for non-Autistic) people?!?

    No wonder we have sensory sensitivities, are easily overwhelmed, and don't pay attention to all the blah, blah that others don't seem to mind! Our Autistic brains are amazing machines doing so much.

    It has taken me years to understand that Autism is not a bad word. The way the world responds to us Autists is the problem - not our brains. But, we can help the world to change and become more compassionate towards us, and other people who are "different".

    I hope you find adult Autists who can help you to understand and map out your ways in the world. It is so hard when you have Neurotypicals teaching you how to behave when the support you need is really about them listening deeply to you and your needs. One day you will be an adult Autist and things will make more sense. Our amazing interconnected brains take a while to make sense - even to ourselves. Keep following your special interests and there you will find and grow your strengths.

    Ps. I'm glad you have a dog. Companion animals help so much! <3


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