Tuesday 29 March 2016

Book Review: Flirtation Walk

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From the Back:

At West Point, Only True Love Should Lead You to Flirtation Walk
Lucinda Pennyworth, the daughter of a con man, is trying her best to leave her father's sordid past behind her. When he dies unexpectedly, she takes the opportunity to move to West Point to live with her aunt, ready to take on a new life and determined to marry a respectable man, a West Point cadet, to impress her relatives.
Seth Westcott, a cadet at the academy, is proud to be at the top of his senior class. But when his mother dies and his sister loses their inheritance to a swindler, Seth wants nothing more than to head west to track down the con man. But the army will only send the cadets at the bottom of the class to the frontier . . . which leaves Seth with some tough choices.

When a woman trying her best to be good meets a man determined to be anything but, can there be hope for love, or will two lonely hearts be condemned to casual flirtation?

My Reflections:

Siri Mitchell's Flirtation Walk is a charming and delightfully sweet historical romance.
I always enjoy Mitchell's tales, this one however had me worried for the first couple of chapters. The idea of the main character Lucinda Pennyworth swindling others for her own benefit did not sit well with me at all. However I was mistaken in my assessment and after understanding the character more and learning of her past and heart for change, I ended up absolutely savouring this books winding paths and learning a great deal about the military as well.

Lucinda Pennyworth receives news that her father has died, Leaving the finishing school which she has been attending Lucinda decides to seek out the only family she has left, her mother's sister.
She is not received with open arms exactly but the family soon Warms up to her. Lucinda's plans are to marry a respectable cadet from West Point Academy and live an upstanding life. This is her chance to turn her life around, or so she thinks...events crop up that upset her plans and spoil her newfound reputation. Can Lucinda start fresh or will her past and upbringing hamper her chances for a new beginning? 

Seth Westcott is on the last leg of his training at West Point Academy he is at the top of his class and has the respect of teachers and fellow cadets, his life however is anything but perfect. His mother has passed away, leaving his sister home alone. Unable to get a leave to help sell the family home and care for his sister he feels hopeless and desperate. To make matters worse he learns that his sister has been taken advantage of by a swindler, losing all their inheritance and stranding his sister in a faraway town.
Seth and his fellow classmates devise a plan to help Seth fall to the bottom of his class in order to become an "Immortal." These are the unmotivated cadets, who lack the luster to do anything else but join the cavalry. His plans make him miserable, but Seth is determined to do what it takes to fail, help his sister and catch the thief responsible.

I have to say this is one of the most interesting plots I have read in quite some time. It was so very different from what I am used to reading. I learned quite a bit about the military, terms, the academy lifestyle and also that West Point is not merely fictional and some of the events are based on actual historical events. So interesting!
If you are looking for low key, relaxed read I would certainly recommend Siri Mitchell's book Flirtation Walk!

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