Sunday 5 May 2013

You Can Do It Too!

I have met some pretty amazing women this week!
Oh yes friends you guys too.

This one gal I met was so inspiring to me I had to share the story and what lead up to the meeting.

Picture me sitting in my truck curls flying in the breeze, clothes neatly pressed...and chicken poo poo on my face, feathers sticking out of those perfectly scrunched curls, the moose I used that morning cementing them in. My natural deodorant failing me (yet again).

I think to my self  "I wish I was a princess" You know the kind straight out of all those insanely unrealistic story books we read to our girls.

I think again, in my old life I would not have chicken dung stuck to my sneakers I would be wearing city shoes, nice ones..OK fine.. I never wore pumps, you got me!
But I certainly would not make peoples nose crinkle when I walked by them, that I can tell you!

So pity party was in full bloom when I drove up to this sweet person's home with her chickens. She meets me a beautiful woman who looks no more than 40, curly hair in braids. As I am unloading her poultry, she tells me a bit about herself.

She has built her farm and business herself, with no help from a husband, in fact she lets me know she has been on her own since her 30's and has raised her three children, by herself. The reason she was so inspiring to me is because she had this "I can do it" attitude. It made me feel like... well I can also do it.. Why can't I build a egg box for the kids chickens, why can't I run  a power tool. She even talked to me about goats, and friends you know that I am in a goat phase.
So when I got home I got out power tools and put up those lights that have been sitting in the box. Yay I still have all my fingers!

So today my friends, I encourage you to do something you thought you could not do. Stretch your self. Get out of your comfort zone! You can do it!
I believe God brought these women into my life to let me know that, yes my friends I am NOT a princess.


  1. ... and you ARE a princess!!

  2. Haha Anonymous,Not so much, but thank you :-)

  3. Hm - are you not a daughter of THE KING ?!?
    And what is a king's daughter called? - A princess!!
    See - I am right... :)

  4. I like your take, OK I will claim it. Thank you for the great explanation, you rock!


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