Wednesday 1 May 2013

Book Review: Moms Raising Sons to be Men. By Rhonda Stoppe

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Moms Raising Sons to be Men
By: Rhonda Stoppe
ISBN# 9780736949774

From the publisher:
Mothers of boys have the special calling to shape future men of God. Popular speaker Rhonda Stoppe, mom to two sons, knows this opportunity is a challenge, a joy, and probably the most important work of a woman’s life. Drawing from years of ministering to youth and to women and from her own parenting experience, Rhonda provides refreshingly relevant guidance, biblical and contemporary examples, and humorous insights to help each reader discover

    how to guide a son without hovering and smothering
    how every action and choice can serve a godly goal
    ways to communicate so a boy will listen and be heard
    God’s power and grace to become—and give—her best

Packed with practical help from parenting experts and other moms, this inspirational resource will revive the faithfulness and fortitude a woman needs to partner with God as they shape the character and heart of a future godly man.

My reflections:
This is Stoppe’s first book, and she has left the gate running!

I quite enjoyed the writing style of this parenting treasure. It is filled with godly advice from a mom who has been thorough the adventure of raising her boys.

One of the main themes of this book that struck me was the fact that my relationship with Jesus is an important part of parenting. I mean being a Christian I knew this fundamentally, but to really ponder this and let it soak into my soul, put a whole new light on my goals as a parent.

Our role in parenting our children is not to raise perfect adults, but adults who learn to love our Savior with all they have heart, soul, mind and strength! Parenting is fraught with error, because we are human. I loved the fact that this parenting book didn’t leave me feeling guilty, but empowered through God who gives me strength, I am well equipped. I am not on this journey alone but with God on my side.

One challenge for me while reading this book was the transparency the author shared with her children. I was not raised in the kind of family where my mom came to me and actually told me she was sorry for the little mistakes she made. It made me more aware of the actions I take and that my son is watching us very closely. So in being transparent and “real” with our children shows them that we are not perfect, asking forgiveness to them will hopefully draw them closer to a “real” relationship with God.

Another aspect of this book I appreciated was the various mothers from the Bible that she uses as examples in her writing.  I found this to be a great study to delve deeper into the subject of parenting from the bible itself. 

In closing I think this is a wonderful resource to any mother of sons. If you want to read an uplifting book imparted with the wisdom of one mother’s love for her sons.
Get ready to start a journey which may affect generations to come; with the Lord at the Helm anything is possible!

I received this book free of charge in return for my honest review from Harvest House Publishers. Thank you so much Harvest house!

About the author:
Rhonda Stoppe

Rhonda Stoppe

Rhonda Stoppe is a popular speaker who fervently imparts the truth of God’s Word to her audience. She is an enthusiastic communicator who unfolds Scripture with a contagious passion for truth as she teaches women to connect with God in an intimate “love walk” of obedience and to live deliberately in their purpose. She and her pastor husband, Steve, are the grateful parents of four grown kids.

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