Wednesday 13 February 2013

Valentine's Day Carrots Cut Into a Heart Shape

Well Valentine's Day is here, are you scrambling to find a idea to make your valentine swoon?

I wish I had that idea for you, unfortunately all I have is this cute little addition to your supper table or perhaps your snack time.

Heart shaped carrots!
Cute and good for your heart to-boot!

My family thought I was a tad looney as I had dear daughter capture the whole process with her camera.
 But that's OK they love me, (I made them heart shaped carrots for goodness sake)  I am pretty sure my little sweet hearts will be begging me to make them again next year about this time. 

So here we go... carrot cutting 101...

 Take a carrot, ah so simple so easy!

Peel the carrot.
Cut both sides off, I'm telling you it is dead easy!
Cut a V shape along the inside of your carrot lengthways.
Shape bottom of carrot into a point, to form a cute heart shape.
Ahhh see cute, eh?
Now cut up...
You can steam them, put them in soup or have them with dip. For toddlers you need to cook them, as they are a choking hazard. And  a choking child would not be any fun!
My plate full of love!
Enjoy your day, and show your Valentine just how much you love em!
Happy Valentines day !!

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