Saturday 2 February 2013

Adventures of the vampire...

Don't let the cute face fool you, just one look at the teeth will make you shake!

My life should be titled Adventures of the reluctant farmer.

Yes can you tell it has been a trying week?

This week a variety of obstacles have tried their best to trip me up and send me to my bath, shouting Cal gone take me away!!!!!!

I have to say though perhaps I am maturing a tad, or not, who wants to mature anyway? I think mainly though it is great people God has placed in my life that have kept me grounded and rationally walking on solid ground.

One big adventure this week has been the discovery of a certain predator called a mink, smaller than a raccoon by more than half and smellier than a skunk.

This critter can take out a flock of chickens faster than you can shake a stick at a lazy goat. OK, you got me I have never shaken a stick at a goat, and have no idea if they are lazy. But really, I am telling you… that vermin decapitated 27 chickens in record time!

Are you squeamish? Too bad, I had to clean up the after mass, so hear the story you must!
A mink will go into a killing frenzy and decapitate the first chicken drink their blood then kill the rest for pure fun.  As I was cleaning up the blood bath I thought these critters certainly reminded me of little vampires.

Our hen house floor was covered in dead chickens; the beast took all the best heritage birds that we raised from chicks.

But you know good always can be taken form times like these, and I was able to see just how grown up my son #1 has become. He being the child, who is likely to wither at the sight of blood, boldly helped us to dig the hole, (the size of Texas) cart and wheel barrow 2 full loads into the pit…. and finish off the few the vampire, err…mink, left for a nighty night snack. I was a proud mama! Oh what joy children bring!

I also have been blessed to have wonderful friends who listen to me whine, encourage me in this journey from city gal to country bumpkin. And you know what life keeps on a going and it’s…all…..good….

We also have been reintroduced to skiing. It is so funny how you think back to your teen years and say,” Oh I know how to ski”, (not letting on that you have skied 3 times, tops) and certainly not relating that you fell off of the ski lift. Yep I know how to ski!

My children things  #1 and #2 did pretty well on the bunny hills all day, another proud moment in time!
Hubby, thing #3 and I stuck to the tubing for the day, but the joy and exhilaration of being on a ski hill has left us with that desire to try our luck at breaking a bone or two. We will see we have a month to “chicken out”

Life is good, roll with the waves and hang on tight to the one who made the oceans roar.    (When I see him, I will have to ask why he made Mink though)

Genesis 9:3 

Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.

I am still not eating it!

Here is a video of a mink stealing trout.

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