Friday 15 June 2012

some ideas for Fathers Day!

blast from the past!
Fathers day is in one day,
Did I mention fathers day is in one day......

I was hoping for some great ideas, I have not gotten the children to make any thing this year, ops!

Usually we have a whole gamete of goodies by now, running your own child care business always inspired me to create wonderful useful things for the children's dads.
Skip forward to this year, and I have no clue what I am going to pull out of this country straw bonnet!
 So when I asked  Goggle what to make your dad for father's day this is what he came up with, the following insert is taken from the website :

  1. Help dad to enjoy the day. Perhaps you'll let him sleep-in this morning, or perhaps you won't badger him to be somewhere on time, for a change. Whatever it is, let it be his day. Some nice ways to start it include:

    Kobo Touch Father's Day (Hahah no that would be for me, but sneakily disguised as a gift for him!!)

    Does Your Dad Deserve a Kobo Touch?  (Pick me pick me!!)
    • Making him breakfast in bed
    • Bringing him the newspaper to read in bed
    • Making his favorite pot of coffee. (I can do that)
  2. Make it a family event. Father's Day is by nature a family event. Use this opportunity to get everyone in the family together for a fun day. Think about including all the dads in your family, not just your own father. Could your celebration include husbands, would-be future dads, your uncles, and brothers? If so, do it—the more the merrier! And don't forget step-fathers—they're important too. You don't have to remain at home; you could go to the beach, a local park, a favorite spot of dad
  3. Consider building the celebration around an activity you all can enjoy. Some ideas include:
    • Having a family picnic
    • Enjoying a family barbecue
    • Taking dad to a favorite sporting event
    • Go fishing together
    • Go plane spotting or train spotting together
    • Play golf together.
  4. Be creative.
    Be creative. When it comes to making gifts for Father's Day, perhaps steer clear of the traditional store-bought gifts of tie and socks. He's probably still got last year's socks stuffed at the back of the drawer. Expensive or typical gifts are not necessary, but the time and effort you put in to create a personalized tribute, will be deeply appreciated. Instead, let your own creative abilities shine and make him something special:
    • Bake a cake
    • Make his favorite dinner
    • Make a gift basket and fill it with homemade candies, cookies, crossword or other puzzles you've created yourself, hand-crafted woodwork objects, etc.
    • If you're artistically inclined, draw or paint a portrait of your dad from a favorite photo or from memory
    • Write a poem.. not likely!
    • Write a song and perform it..... Only if you want to clear the room fast!
  5. Celebrate your shared experiences. Look at old photos of you and your dad doing fun things together. Take a walk down memory lane by creating either a photo album or a photo slideshow. You may be surprised at how many things you both have forgotten about and how much they mean to you.
    • Especially if he doesn't talk much about his life, consider recording his voice or taking notes as you talk about old times or old photographs. Make his words and memories part of the family history.
  6. Acknowledge the importance of fatherhood. Being a father is a tough job. Dads are responsible for at least one half of the financial and emotional well-being of the family. A thoughtful card, a letter, or short speech that expresses your love will benefit both you and your dad. Giving dad a heartfelt speech, toast, or card of genuine, loving words at the dinner table, or at some other point when all the family are around (siblings especially), will make this a poignant occasion. Here are some ways to prepare:
    • Make a handmade card
    • Write a letter
    • Write a speech or prepare a toast
    • Have all of your siblings explain why dad matters to them.
  7. Make the day joyful. The most important aspect of the day is that you are present and attentive. It does not take material presents to make a dad happy—it takes showing your love, and reassuring your dad that you're proud of him and all he's done for you. For many fathers, the most rewarding part of being a father is feeling that your children love you, and the knowledge that each child is on a path to a successful future, no matter what age, coping well with the problems that life inevitably throws at us all.                             
  8. telling your father you love him.
    End his "Fun-filled day" by telling your father you love him. Don't forget his hug and kiss!
This list was thought provoking.
Coming from a single parent family I didn't see what a relationship with a father looked like first hand.

I have had the blessing, however of having a few wonderful father substitutes throughout my life and have learned a great deal from these wonderful men!
So thank you to those two wonderful guys who came into my life and shared their fatherly influences!

Thank you to my Heavenly father who created me and breathed life into me, words are not enough. I give what little I have, me.

Happy father's day (in one day)
Good luck finding some ways to show your love and appreciation to those wonderful dads out there!

Proverbs 23:24
The father of a righteous man has great joy;
he who has a wise son delights in him.

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