Tuesday 12 June 2012

Bad, no good, terrible kinda day!

Old Beat Up Car Photo - Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Not the real chicken mobile, but it was cute, much cuter than the real thing!

You ever have one of those days when just as soon as you get up you KNOW, and I mean know you should just head on back and cozy up to your soft warm pillow..today was one of those days.
The kind of day that your mother warns you about, the kind that dissolves you into a gooey puddle of tears, yep just that kind.

It actually all started yesterday when an "angel" I know offered to take me to "the big city", for an appointment I had, (it was not a child friendly appointment, and she was going to watch little one)

It started out so fun we went to a wonderful little market filled with fun and unique things, I could have spent hours just wondering through the stores!
I was enjoying our time together immensely, even though I had woken that morning with the beginnings of a migraine.
However by the end of my appointment my head felt as if it was going to hop off my body and run back to the country, I was valiantly trying to ignore the pain, but when the dizziness and nausea set in I was left unable to pretend any longer. The poor "angel" had to drive us back to our little town, as I was a puddle on the seat beside her. Bless her heart she was just the sweetest woman on the planet, I however was so very embarrassed and just needed to get on home and die!

That brings us to today, the no good, terrible, bad horrible day!
(Don’t worry it ends well)
I woke up made some rosemary tea, which by the way reminds me of chicken, which then reminds me that I had to work with the cute fuzzes, which reminds me that rosemary tea may cure the headache that never seems to leave. Whew!
Then I broke my cute green tea pot. But being the optimistic person I am, I say oh well no use crying over a tea pot! Little one pipes up "mommy that was your favoritest one right"? I reply "yep, too bad eh"

We leave and when I am nearing the city center I decide Dear Husband needs a coffee, Secretly I am saying "I need a coffee" in my tiny inside my head whisper voice...

So I detour to Timmy's order, then proceed to the cashier, I love the city center because unlike our small town center it has a DRIVE through!!!
One thing about a drive through, those pesky poles they put up so crazy drivers don't hit their building, I always laugh at those people who misjudge the corner and hit them anyway I mean really!

Until today.........Yepo I admit it I was in such a rush to get my caffeine that I clipped it. Wowzers, did you know it actually rocks your whole vehicle when you hit them,.....yes,  really!

Also since I love red so much I have a nice handy dandy red line on my white van! Cool eh?
So I arrive to the till and say, "so like, you didn't really want that big ol' pole back there did you"? (I was trying to refine my country jargon)
She looks bewildered and says you hit it, and I reply "Yep, sure did, it isn’t plastic is it" She goes on to tell me no indeed it is not it is fine, hard concrete, and points to the nice sized mark and dints along the side of my van. I look at her and laugh, saying "well good thing I hate this van"!

I carry on get the chicks on board, proceed to getting lost for an hour in a big city center, in a van I am so not good at driving.
I mean what is it with mirrors that say objects are closer than they appear?? With the other side mirror being farther than they appear, how is a midget sitting on a kids booster seat with a big pink peony flower cushion behind her suppose to judge the distance or even see a car beside her, I ask you that!

Well needless to say I was lost, (in so many more ways that one), my GPS was taking me in circles and I was very very late for all my drops."I didn't get the satisfaction of You have reached your destination"

This very moment will define my day. Me sitting crying, frustrated, lost, and miserable beyond words, then I think this is what it feels like to be lost. Really LOST!
I then thought I don't have to be lost I can count my blessings, so as I drove aimlessly I started to count my blessings, one at a time. I started easy...this is what it looked like:

-God thanks for work (not happy!)

-Thanks for my dear husband who is I'm sure so frustrated with me but keeps telling me it's OK. Sweet,
Sweet man!

-Thank you for my wonderful three children who I adore and love beyond words.

-Thank you for life, health, a roof over our heads, clean water (yeah!), and a church I love.

-Thank you for my relationship with you and that you are my heavenly father who never leaves me and always holds me dear, no matter how miserable I am.

Something happened, I felt a little better, I stopped my blubbering started to drive, found my way and continued on my day.

I realized after half way that all that getting lost time ate up my propane. Dear husband always says "never let the mileage get past 250 km" (the gas gauge is broken)
The mileage was reading 200 I had a lot of kilometers to go before I got to the one and only gas station that sells auto propane.
 I was sweating bullets, let me tell you, and it was not from the heat to keep the chicks warm either!

But I kept up my blessing tally....
(If I ran out the only option would be to call the tow truck, which would essentially kill all the chicks on board! eeekkkkk!)
~God is good Dear Husband is wrong! It still runs up to 289 km..

The day was not perfect, I was still not very happy, but something in me changed, I counted my blessings and every time I found my thinking, stinking I started over again.
After I got home to my beautiful kids, and my healthy crock pot dinner, my day transformed into a happy laugh at my mistakes kinda night.

The kids and I joked about the day, I told them of my "adventures" and they looked on in wide eyed awe, then we laughed about it all, afterwards I shared my "blessing" story with them.

So all in all it was a pretty rotten day that turned out just fine, all the chicks are in the right place, and life goes on.
So my friends God can turn the worst day into a funny memory, and a lifetime into a story!

Remember to laugh, and count your blessings it is the best cure to a rotten, no good, terrible day!

Psalm 118:1-18 

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever! Let Israel say, “His steadfast love endures forever.” Let the house of Aaron say, “His steadfast love endures forever.” Let those who fear the Lord say, “His steadfast love endures forever.” Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free. ...

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