Wednesday 29 April 2020

Book Review: Daughter Of Cana

From the Back:

How Will Walking in Yeshua's Footsteps
Forever Change Her Life?

Thomas and Tasmin, twin siblings hired to oversee a wedding feast in Cana, worry when the host runs out of wine . . . until a guest tells Tasmin to have the servants fill the pitchers by the gate with water from the cistern. Reluctantly, she obeys--and is amazed when rainwater turns into the finest wine ever tasted in Cana.

When Thomas impulsively decides to follow the teacher from Nazareth, the twins argue bitterly. Tasmin refuses to be abandoned or to let her brother be taken in by a magician-prophet. When he departs anyway, she decides to follow the Nazarene's group, aided by Jude, younger brother to Yeshua of Nazareth, and do whatever she must to mend the fractured relationship, reveal the truth, and bring her brother home.
My Reflections:
Angela Hunt's newest series is off to a fantastic start!
If you love Biblical fiction as much as I do you won't be disappointed with Daughter of Cana.
The first part of the book drew me in straight away, what an interesting plot. To imagine what it must have been like to be around Jesus as he walked the earth. 

After witnessing water being turned into wine Tasmin, one of the bakers at a wedding decides it must be trickery. However, her twin brother Thomas decides to leave the family business to chase after the one who had the power to do many unimaginable things. Tasmin has no choice to chase after her brother and talk some sense into him to come back home where he belongs helping their father in the orchard.

I love Biblical fiction because it makes well-known stories come alive, although we cannot know the exact happenings other than the true Biblical telling, I find it interesting to see things how they might have happened. It also makes me turn to the Bible and re-read the passages again.

I really enjoyed taking a fictional look at what Jesus's family and his apostle Thomas. I actually missed that Thomas was a twin! I also enjoyed the character development, watching as Jesus brother Jude and Tasmine chase after Jesus and the change of hearts they experience. Both have personal agendas to get their family members back which put a fun twist on things.

Daughter of Cana is a must-read, I mean what else are you going to do right now, surely you have cleaned out every corner and binge-watched Netflix. What better book to read during these uncertain times!

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