Wednesday 26 June 2019

Book Review: Sex, Purity, And the Longings Of A Girls Heart

From the Back:

"This message of God-defined sexuality is one every woman needs."--Dannah Gresh, author of And the Bride Wore White

For the modern Christian woman, embracing God's design for sexuality can often feel like an impossible pursuit. As the culture around us seeks to normalize things such as lust, pornography, erotica, and casual sex, you may be feeling immense pressure to conform. In this relatable and encouraging book, Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal share honestly about their own struggles and victories and dig into topics such as

· how your longings for intimacy point to a deeper need
· why God's original design for love, passion, and sex is good
· how to deal with secret sexual struggles
· and much more

Kristen and Bethany invite you on a personal journey to discover and reclaim a biblical vision for your sexuality--one that is good and relevant and will lead you toward true hope and lasting freedom.
My Reflections:
This is a must read for any woman, teens, middle-aged, and beyond. We all struggle with some aspect of our sexuality. This world is a fallen world and the temptations to indulge in lustful images, twist our perception of sex from a very young age. Does the church come out and really answer the questions that need to be spoken... it's not feel good stuff it's not family friendly, we may offend someone the lists of excuses goes on. Sex sells, and it tarnishes God's beautiful design. We have God's grace and love.

These are heavy topics friends, this is a weighty read, but oh so needed. I absolutely applaud these authours and Girl Defined for producing relevant material for women to read. It reminded me that the struggle is real and my teens are faced with an uphill battle. We all are in the same battle just in different life stages. This book is the real deal, filled with the author's stories and readers excerpts sharing very real and close subject matter. 

In the end, we find a story of love, redemption and Grace. God is good all the time. He alone is able to restore us into a right and true relationship with him.

If you are looking for an honest open girlfriend type read look no further. This book is filled with relevant honest and deep conversations but always ends with Grace and God's love. 

I did wish there was more closure to some of the topics, sometimes a person would require more than a personal story and scripture, but an actual game plan. I'm thinking about young women and teens here, I think it would be wise to have a set-out plan included in the book designed especially with this age group in mind, perhaps an online support group, where teens and unmarried women can be accountable and get wise biblical counsel. It's such a confusing time in one's life, especially with the availability of porn on the internet. 
All in all this book was very good, and I will be sharing it with the church library, with the disclaimer that it is an honest and open book. 

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

Kristen Clark
  1. Kristen Clark is married to her best friend, Zack, and is the cofounder of GirlDefined Ministries. She is passionate about promoting the message of biblical womanhood through blogging, speaking, mentoring young women, and hosting Bible studies in her living...
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  2. Bethany Beal

    Bethany Beal is head-over-heels in love with her best friend and husband, David, and is the cofounder of GirlDefined Ministries. She is passionate about spreading the truth of biblical womanhood through blogging, speaking, and mentoring young women. To her...
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