Tuesday 28 May 2019

♡LOVE♡ by a girl who wants to make people happy

LOVE by a girl who wants to make people happy 

what do you think when you see your child mad at them? After a hard day, you just want to come home to a wonderful supper and a clean house. 

 I bet it disappoints you when you don't see that. So you get overwhelmed and start to get angry then you take it out on the kids. I know how to feel, so I will speak to the kids now:

when your mom or dad come home you just want to help you, then they yell at you for not doing the thing to forgot to do, or you made a mess. that was me today I was happy and cheerful came home and was inspired to write this.

 I don't know how to say this but you can improve your mom or dad's day if you clean the kitchen or make supper. 
back to the parents:

I wrote a poem for calming you don't have to read it but here it is:
I looked out the window to see the magnificent birds tweeting together harmoniously. I grasp the sight of the sunset in blues, greens, and pinks. I see the vast trunk of the maple, evergreen, and apple trees. The extended green grass rustling in the light breeze. 
                                               have a great day 
please give me ideas on what to write about!!!!

my 1st 3 yoke egg!!

you can tell I was bord

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