Sunday 10 December 2017

Book Review: Vanishing Point

From The Back:

Six girls missing . . . and every clue leads to a dead end
During Garrett Addison's first week on the job as a criminal investigator for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, his team is called out to a murder scene of a young girl. She's just one in a string of disappearances with one thing in common--a Polaroid photo of each victim left behind at the crime scene.

The FBI is pulled into the case to help, and Garrett finds himself working with Special Agent Jordan Lambert, the woman he once loved. When yet another girl dies, Garrett wonders whether he really has what it takes to be an agent. Maybe he should just walk. But while he may be done with the killer, the killer is not done with him--or Jordan.
My Review: If you don't get anything else for Christmas, get Lisa Harris's newest novel, Vanishing Point. I'm not usually a massive fan of plots that include kids getting murdered, I would instead leave reality to life. However, that being said this book was written with adrenaline pumping action that kept me up until it was concluded. I have a love-hate relationship with books like these. I love that they hang you out to dry, but I hate the next morning when I need to get out of bed and be a functioning adult!

A word of caution, if you have experienced trauma in your life around a child being abducted, and or murdered this book is not for you! Also if you are sensitive to this type of storyline, this book does contain graphic details and may be upsetting to some readers.

I loved the characters, they seemed real to life, and their vulnerability was palpable. One thing that irked me was the relationship between Garrett and Jordan, come on people admit you love each other still and get on with living! Enough said. If you like a good romantic suspense and you want to be sleep deprived of a night or two, absolutely pick this book up, you will be hooked on the first page.
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Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris is a bestselling author, a Christy Award winner, and the winner of the Best Inspirational Suspense Novel for 2011 from Romantic Times. She has sold over thirty novels and novella collections. Along with her husband, she and her three...
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