Thursday 16 March 2017

Book Review:Glimmer Girls Light up New York

From The Back:

This is a Faithgirlz title, the 4th and final book in Award winning singer Natalie Grant's Glimmer Girls series.
Join twins Mia and Maddie and their sidekick little sister, Lulu, as they travel the country finding adventure, mystery, and sometimes mischief along the way. Together with their famous mother, singer Gloria Glimmer, and their slightly wacky nanny Miss Julia, the sisters learn lessons about being good friends, telling the truth, and a whole lot more.
In this fourth book in the Faithgirlz Glimmer Girls series, the Glimmer family is headed to the Big Apple—New York City! Gloria has been asked to perform a concert in Times Square and the whole family joins her. Miss Julia immediately starts planning a sightseeing trip for the sisters that will be better than all the rest but plans never turn out exactly as they imagine when the Glimmer girls are involved. So what happens when sibling rivalry, random acts of kindness, and a little mystery all meet up at some of the most famous sights in New York City?

My Reflections:

This is the last book in this series, and my daughter who is 9 is extremely hopeful that the author Natalie Grant will change her mind! My girl has read almost all of these novels and can't get enough of the twins Mia, Maddie and little sister Lulu's crazy adventures. This time they travel with their superstar mom, their dad, and the nanny to New York City, where adventure and mystery are to be found.

These girls seem to find a mystery where ever they travel, this time they hunt out the riddle of the "snow angel." First, they must overcome sibling rivalry and a whole host of other difficulties.

As a parent, it is always nice to see a book delve into the issues kids face on a daily basis. I appreciated that this book was a good starting point for a few of those topics. Be warned this book does deal with a lot of attitudes and behaviors. (Maddie sneaks out without permission from an adult, and there are many instances of sassy talk and naughty behavior) These are addressed with prayer. The book continues on from the last novels in the series (London Art Chase, A Dolphin Wish, and Miracle in Music City) with encouraging random acts of kindness which I so appreciated.

If you have an adventurous pre-teen in your life who enjoys a good mystery, I'm sure they will love Natalie Grant's newest installment of Glimmer Girls!

I was given this book free of charge in return for my honest review by Book Look Bloggers, Thank you Book Look!

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