Wednesday 22 February 2017

Book Review: The Prayer Saturated Family

From The Back:

Learn to pray together and see your family transformed!
In our world of busy schedules and digital distractions, it's hard for families to find time to eat dinner together, let alone pray together. Yet praying together deepens relationships, alleviates fighting and strengthens family ties more than any single thing you can do.

With a fresh, flexible, real-world approach, bestselling author Cheryl Sacks shows how you can integrate prayer into your daily family life, including how to:
· Get everyone on board and involved
· Experience a fresh sense of God's promise and purpose for your family
· Overcome spiritual opposition coming against your household
· Shift the spiritual atmosphere in your home to one of greater peace and joy
· Make an investment in your children's faith that will last a lifetime

You will also discover how a family that prays together becomes an unstoppable force for good, bringing God's answers to impossible situations. And it can start with you! Through prayer, you have the power not only to change the atmosphere of your home but also to be part of changing the spiritual atmosphere wherever you go.

"You will love this book! It is rich with stories that will cause you to laugh and cry! It is filled with hope!"--Cindy Jacobs, Generals International

Includes a Step-by-Step 31-Day Family Prayer Guide!Full of the creative ideas, prompts and Scripture-based prayers you need to help jump-start and develop your family's prayer life.
My Reflections:

I was so ecstatic to read Cheryl Sacks new book The Prayer Saturated Family!
What better technique can we use to transform our family and homes but pray?
Sacks give us a plan to do just that in a powerful family friendly package.

Rich in storytelling and practical wisdom this book delivers a reminder that a family that prays together not only stays together but also thrives!

Our family is far from perfect, but we pray together, we fellowship together, and we look at each other and hold one another accountable. The family unit is a funny thing don't you think? Different personalities brought together, hand picked by God, working together for His good...beautiful, isn't it? Admist the piles of dirty dishes, arguments over who's turn it is to work in the barns, and teenagers.. we pray, and we pray some more, but is it making a difference? You bet it is!

This book reminds us that without prayer we are left vulnerable to attack, we live in a spiritual war, one that needs to be fought in part by prayer.
Included is a 31-day family prayer guide that I am super eager to implement in our home. We already have the "prayer jar," and "Thankful Jar" this will be a fantastic addition to what our family has already implemented.

If you want to change the atmosphere of your home and change the future for your family, I encourage you to pray! This book is extremely encouraging, so if you ever needed some useful tips and an easy to follow plan, this book may be the book for you.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc


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