Saturday 18 February 2017

Book Review: Have a New Sex Life by Friday

From the Back:

You're only days away from the kind of intimacy you long for . . . Given enough time, stress, and kids, even the most satisfying sex life can turn ho-hum. Before long, your conversations center on taking the garbage out, you only make love with the lights off, and experimenting in the bedroom means changing the color of the duvet.

But why settle for "less than" when you could pursue the gift of wow sex together? In just one week, you and your spouse will learn

· why women need sex (and what stops them from wanting it)
· why men want sex (and why what's important to her is important to him too)
· how to reclaim space just for the two of you
· how to create an intimate connection that lasts all day, even when you're apart
· how to spice things up in the bedroom
· and more

Dr. Leman's candid advice comes with his guarantee: with just a little attention to these doable strategies, you and your spouse can experience the kind of exciting relationship you long for--not only by Friday but throughout your entire marriage.

Do any of these describe you?
- You can't remember the last time your spouse gave you a real kiss or held your hand.
- You're stuck in a rut in the bedroom.
- You can predict the exact spot your spouse will touch you.
- You undress in the walk-in closet.
- The last book you read about sex was for your premarital counseling.

If even one of these describes you, you need this book. It's the miracle jump start that can turn ho-hum, nonexistent, or even good sex into unimaginably wow sex.

I guarantee it.

My Reflections:
I have enjoyed all of the previous books written by Dr. Kevin Leman and I must say, his newest book is no exception. 
Have a New Sex Life by Friday was a quick and easy read. Broken down week by week Leman explores into topics like:

Why women need sex,
Why men need sex
Who's in bed with you
Making love with words
Spice it up!
Romance on a budget
Surprises your spouse will love
and so much more.

Written with humor and wit Leman walks his readers through a series of topics that make you stop, laugh and want to be a better spouse.
I found Tuesday to be the most interesting chapter (but you are going to have to pick up the book to know what's included in the "Tuesday" chapter, no spoiler alerts here, Ha!)

This book although simple in nature is filled with great reminders on how we can spice up our love life. More importantly, this book reminds us that strengthening our marriages is of utmost importance, we all encounter hills and valleys in our relationships but walking side by side with God leading the way we can do all things..together, (even have a wow sex life!)
 If you have been married for one year or 40 years, there are many great reminders and tips in this book to take your love life from good to YES!

I received this book free of charge in return for my honest review from Graf-Martin Communications, Thank you, Graf-Martin!


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