Friday 29 April 2016

Book Review: The Inheritance

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From the Back:

The death of clan patriarch Macgregor Tulloch has thrown the tiny Shetland Islands community of Whales Reef into turmoil. Everyone assumed Tulloch's heir to be his much-loved grandnephew David. But when no will is discovered, David's calculating cousin Hardy submits his own claim to the inheritance, an estate that controls most of the island's land. And Hardy knows a North Sea oil investor who will pay dearly for that control.

While the competing claims are investigated, the courts have frozen the estate's assets, leaving many of the locals in dire financial straits. The future of the island--and its traditional way of life--hangs in the balance.

Meanwhile, Loni Ford enjoys a rising career in a large investment firm in Washington, D.C. Yet, in spite of outward success, she is privately plagued by questions of identity. Orphaned as a young child, she was raised by her grandparents, and while she loves them dearly, she feels completely detached from her roots. That is, until a mysterious letter arrives from a Scottish solicitor. . . .

Past and present collide in master storyteller Michael Phillips' dramatic new saga of loss and discovery, of grasping and grace.

My Reflections:

Micheal Phillips first book in his Secrets of the Shetlands series was my last book to be reviewed this month. I have to admit that I was just a little disappointed with the slow cadence of this novel in the first quarter of the book. The settings and the characters seemed a little disjointed making it a difficult story for me to read and follow. 

Since my good friends just moved to Scottland I was intrigued by the small island and the townsfolk. Though the "simplified" local dialect was a tad challenging for me to understand it did manage to capture the mood and feel of the town and people. 

I enjoyed the concept of the novel and I was completely charmed by the rich heritage and culture interwoven in these pages. I found that as the plot thickened the book became more interesting. I think I was getting more accustomed to the writing style of Phillips, and that the story layers were shifting into place. So my advice to you is if you decide on this book do be patient, enjoy the leisurely unfolding of the story and don't expect a conclusion, you will have to wait for the next installment before that happens.

All in all, even though I found this book to be slower than other books by this author I think it has enough substance and beautiful scenery to keep the reader interested, especially if you enjoy a leisurely pace with good wholesome values like faith, community and one's heritage.

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    Michael Phillips

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