Friday 6 November 2015

DIY Goo ....It's not a solid it's not a liquid

A late fall day, a grumpy messy mass of children, that was my day. What to do when your homeschooling journey is off the track, my answer....make Goo!

It is easy, most people have everything that you would need right in their own cupboard. It is non toxic, gluten free and most importantly fun!!

I'm sure you could even squeeze out some of those PLO's in science, so what are you waiting for?

The recipe is so simple: three little ingredients:

-Corn starch


-food colouring (Optional)

Mix cornstarch with water and food colouring with your hands, slowly add the water just until it flows nicely not too watery. This is a messy experiment so bear that in mind it does however clean up easily.

Things to try:

-Smack it, if you hit it really hard it can look as though it is breaking.

-Pour it from one hand to the other...slowly, it flows like water.

-Roll it if you keep up the motion it will stay in a ball shape, but once you stop it will turn into a puddle.

-Bounce it, if you get just the right consistency you will be able to bounce a little ball around, once you stop however it melts into a puddle.


So now you need to explain what is happening in order to tick off your science for the day.

The cornstarch is made up of long chains of atoms, a polymer. Pour fast and these atom chains roll over each other. If you apply force and pressure these Atom chains react by holding firmly like a solid. Not an extremely technical explanation but hey I am teaching grade three science!

That's it! Hours of fun and wide eyed wonder, so go ahead wow your kids and get a much needed tea break!

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