Tuesday 18 February 2014

Homeschool Literature Study on the Children's Book Moo Who?

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 I have been given the assignment this week to come up with a literature assignment for a popular children's book. I chose one of my favorites "Moo Who?" as it is funny and a real joy to read and act out! This would be good for grades  K-2

Here is a Story map I found you can see it here:  http://mrsbyrdskinder.blogspot.ca/2014/01/story-map-freebie.html

I find story mapping a wonderful way to dig a little deeper into the story. You can have the children draw the characters of write the names out depending on your age group. Since I had a variety of ages in my group I let them decide.

I also sorced out a classroom organizer at:


This little link will take you to nifty little activity guide, because who doesn't love activities you don't have to think up?

I then had the kids cut up and unscramble word strips to make a few simple sentences.
coloring page, or you could glue cotton balls to him.

barn dot to dot.
 Here is a link to make a animal booklet for the cover of your lap book.


I had so much fun compiling these resources, thanks for stopping by!

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