Monday 18 November 2013

Book Review: Loving

ISBN: 978 1 4908 0788 1

From the Back:

Hannah Mattox longs to be a mother. However, her heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, prevents her from safely bearing children. Karla Valez is a homeless prostitute who despises the "thing" growing inside her and hopes to kill it in utero with the drugs that have buried her painful past for nearly five years. Gabriella Greene, founder of the Sanford Crisis Pregnancy Center, finds herself the bridge between these two women. A time when questions far outweigh answers, there is one most pressing: why would God allow this?

Weaving together the lives of three very different women, Loving will take readers on an emotional journey that reveals one common thread: they each need to surrender to a God of love.

My Reflections:

Unbelievable!, this book is one of those rare reads that stick with you for months on end. I know, you are saying to yourself, "just another Christian fiction Tanya" but I can assure you that it is not!

This book had me gripped in it's clutches until one in the morning. I seriously could not put it down...for anything.

The story line is  tender and yet dramatic reminding the reader of the fragility of the human condition, it holds you captive until you read the last word. The characters are so incredibly true to life, you are immersed into the world of drugs, prostitution and the realities these women face on a day to day the lines.

Add in an innocent babe, a childless couple who desperately desire a family. More life. The kind of honest real life that compels you to loose yourself within the pages, raw emotion and depth that you rarely get to experience through a novel.

The plot is not predictable as one would think with this type of subject matter. On the contrary it twists and turns wrapping the characters around each other until the story line is a beautifully cohesive web, sparkling off the pages with the dew of anticipation. I am telling you this book has all the earmarks for a best seller, it may be short but it is beautifully written!

I read a lot, and I can honestly say this is a wonderfully written, god inspired, life changing book. I cannot wait until the sequel comes out! I have so many questions that simply need answering!

So if you are in search of a great Christmas present, this one is perfect for the reader who yearns for a deep, meaningful drama that highlights the redeeming love of Gods good and merciful grace, look no further buy this book, it's a winner!

I received this book in exchange for my honest review, from the author. 

~The Author has graciously provided a signed giveaway copy, so please don't forget tweet about this blog post, then let me know you did to be entered into the draw..... You may be the lucky winner of a signed copy of Loving!

About the Author:
Corin Hughs

As pillows hug little heads, and my home grows quiet, I nestle into my "spot" on the couch. With my laptop in place and coffee on the end table, I get lost in another world. I write.[...] Read More

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