Sunday 27 October 2013

Book Review: The Secret Keeper, Beverly Lewis

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ISBN 9780764209802
From The Back:

Come home to Hickory Hollow, Pennsylvania--the beloved setting where Beverly Lewis's celebrated Amish novels began--with new characters and new stories of drama, romance, and the ties that draw people together.

Jennifer Burns shocks her family and friends when she bids farewell to her modern life in favor of the Old Order Amish world, settling in with Samuel and Rebecca Lapp.

The people of Hickory Hollow are curious about the beautiful young seeker among them--one handsome Amishman in particular--and Jenny faces many challenges in the Proving time the brethren set for her...challenges of the heart, as well as the spirit.

My Reflections: 

From the  author, Beverly Lewis who has made the Amish culture popular! This book, number four in the Home to Hickory Hollow series, and is sure to delight.

This book was so much more than just a good contemporary fiction. It included a history lesson,  Amish customs and a glimpse into a day in the life of an Amish-woman. To this Amish reading junkie,  I was a kid in a candy store!

Because the story revolves around a seeker (Jennifer Burns) who's life's desire is to become all things Amish, the reader is given a wonderful spy glass into what it truly means to be Amish and the struggles and joys that come along with the "Simple life". The take was so vastly different from the books I have read so far, I found my self to be quite intrigued. The main character is trying to become Amish not trying to leave the Old Order, what a nice change in story line!

Through Lewis's  talented writing, Jennifer learns that being Amish is not a perfect solution to the worlds troubles, that facing your past, dealing with your problems and giving them to God is the only true way to experience peace and joy.

I think my favorite part of this book was about halfway in, when Jennifer falls for the Amishman, That's when the story really blossomed for me, who doesn't love a complicated romance? Can their love ever become a reality?

I was also highly curious about the aspects of her "proving time" Not having read a book that mentions this time of proving ones self as set apart, devoted and submissive to their faith and community of believers. I found this extremely interesting.

I always imagined it would be so nice to be Amish, and live "simple"... but I absolutely love my modern conveniences waaay too much! I guess giving up TV, gardening and canning will have to be as Amish as this county girl's going to get.

In closing, this book was entertaining and educational all at once, and I think if you are a Amish fan like myself you will certainly enjoy reading this novel. Well done Beverly Lewis!

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About the Author:

Beverly Lewis 

Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis, born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, is the New York Times bestselling author of more than ninety books. Her stories have been published in eleven languages worldwide. A keen interest in her mother's Plain heritage has...
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