Tuesday 17 July 2012

soap, natural toothpaste sucks!

Well I did it.
I will not do it again trust me on that!

You are probably thinking what is she talking about right?
Well this country girl has been trying things here at home to improve your life in the city. In doing that I have sampled quite a few different facial and skin remedies, I have tried natural gardening. Which by the way does not work, just go and grab the round up and slug bait my friends.

I am sure you will have a garden if you do, because all I have is healthy green grass, and let me tell you the only good thing it is good for is making dogs throw up!

But back to my newest remedy healthy toothpaste.
I read last night that the toothpaste I have been using for my entire life is not healthy and can make your teeth recede. so I did what the "doctor" told me I used his idea....get ready...I did.... It was soap any old house hold bar soap it said and I thought well if I was going to put soap on my tooth brush and take the hit for my friends then it had better be natural soap so I used goat soap.
Oh my word ......
I put it on started brushing and thought well this is not so bad, until it hit my tongue.
 It tasted terrible.
You see I was a very good child I never had my mouth washed out with soap. It is punishment, indeed!

So after several rinses, some gagging and lots of not so happy comments I finally rinsed what I thought was the rest of the soap out.

 I still taste soap, and perfume.
I think I blew bubbles all night.

Hey I could be the newest country sideshow at the fair, country girl who blows bubbles...entertaining!

So sorry to say this was so not worth it, don't care if I am a 50 year old with no teeth, I would rather brush with my sensitive teeth toothpaste any day, thank you very much!

So rest assured you now do not have to try this at home I took the hit for you!
If you need a bubble blowing side show I am available for the next couple of days any way. Hugs!

Here is the link if you don't believe me...... http://www.detailshere.com/dentalhealth.htm

John 15:13 

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. Or eat soap! :-)

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