Tuesday 24 July 2012

My trip to the City

Ahhh the City! 

Just back from my quick trip to the City.

 I have to say it was just so nice to go home, even just for a day or two. It was wonderful to see some of my friends and my mom for her birthday.

I did realize something though, and I must say its kind of a shocker to me, here it is, don't laugh- I don't fit there any more.

I have changed.

Yep guess change is inevitable, but it took me going "home" to see.
I have turned into, Oh fiddlesticks...a frappin Country Girl!
There I said it, I am that Girl.
One of those people who love open spaces, the sound of wildlife, fresh air...
bother, how did THAT happen?

I really didn't like the traffic, the noise, or wondering if I should be taking the incontinent dog out to pee for the 100 Th time in my PJ's.

I also realized I really, really miss my friends.
Coming back was hard to do. I didn't get to see everyone.

But once I was here I was happy to be back, I was glad to see my big oaf of a dog. The crazy chickens and my tail waging ducks. Ah life is good.
Before you know it I will be a real live granola, for real, not kidding.

But then again I am allergic to granola so I can't really see that happening. Gulp!

Hebrews 13:8 

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

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