Friday 9 August 2019

sleep overs with A.S.D. + big news!!

Sleepovers with autism can be hard sometimes, I recently when to a sleepover party with about 6 people including myself. when I got to my friend's house,  I would say that I was COMPLETELY  unprepared. so I decided to make a blog post saying a few things I think are a good idea to bring to a sleepover. sadly I am too late, should have done this BEFORE going oh well.

  1.  headphones: they WOULD have helped a lot because in the night people like to talk, snore and sleep talk.
  2. books or something quiet- if you do an activity and Finnish before everyone else.
  3. music- calming for sleep
  4. small snack- hungry while watching a  movie or something.
  5. and most IMPORTANTLY Melatonin!! (click for resources)

My BIG news 

I now have merchandise or whatever you wanna call it!!!!
sponsored by The Autistic Mind
mostly because  that's my business

sneak peek on my new t-shirt!!

now my funny pictures!!! :D

floating fort!!!!

its suppose to be upside down

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